TalkTalk broadband rewards: Up to £100 reward card

Dan Howdle | February 21st, 2024

TalkTalk broadband router

TalkTalk may not be as 'premium' as providers such as Sky, BT and Virgin Media, but it has nevertheless gained an enormous customer base with its savvy approach to value for money over excessive bundles and extras.

TalkTalk broadband with rewards

Even at times of year when there are no special offers on, TalkTalk offers good value. But frequently, TalkTalk will add some sort of sweetener to the deal to entice new customers. These sometimes take the form of bill credits, sometimes cashback reward cards, sometimes gift vouchers and from time to time, even free gifts.

This guide is designed to keep you abreast of the best current deals on TalkTalk broadband that offer a little something extra.

TalkTalk Full Fibre 150

£50 gift card

This TalkTalk Full Fibre 150 deal deal comes with an £50 reward card, as well as being offered with no upfront costs. It's offered on an 18-month contract and comes with pay-as-you-go landline calls. 15Mbps is plenty for small households and will easily cope with HD and UHD streaming on multiple devices. However, being full fibre only around of third of UK households will be able to get it.

TalkTalk Full Fibre 500

£75 gift card

This 525Mbps Full Fibre deal from TalkTalk is, obviously, blisteringly fast. As well as £75 cashback in the form of a reward card, like other deals from TalkTalk it's fairly no-frills. There's no one-off setup cost, but also no phone line, so if you need one you'll need to pay a bit more. It comes on an 18-month contract, and being Full Fibre, availability is going to be patchy at best.

TalkTalk Full Fibre 900

£100 gift card

If you want the biggest reward card (£100), you'll need to opt for TalkTalk's top speed. Most households won't need a broadband connection this fast, so do consider that before just opting for the 'best one' with the biggest reward. Ultimately the extra you'll be paying over Full Fibre 500 will soon make the gain on reward card amount irrelevant. Like the other Full Fibre packages TalkTalk is currently offering reward cards with, it will only be available to around one in three UK households.

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TalkTalk broadband and TV deals

TalkTalk TV is available to bundle with any TalkTalk broadband deal. However, at this time there are no special offers that include rewards on any TalkTalk TV and broadband bundle. As soon as there is, we will add it here.

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How do cashback reward cards work?

Any voucher reward from TalkTalk is only available to new customer. Existing customers cannot simply renew their contract and gain the reward. Cancelled orders are not eligible for the reward and it's for this reason you may have to wait up to 90 days after your order to claim your reward card. You cannot claim the reward after 150 days post sign-up, so effectively you have a window.

And you'd best set a reminder in your calendar if you can. TalkTalk will not chase after you to find out why you haven't claimed your reward. As with all providers offering this sort of new customer bonus, TalkTalk will be counting on a lot of people simply forgetting. It's cheaper for them that way. So don't fall into that trap.

Another point, specific to TalkTalk rewards is you will need to disable any VPN that hides your IP address (if you don't know what this is, don't worry because you don't use one), and you will need to disable any ad blockers before signing up to the deal online. It is also inadvisable to use the Safari browser to make this purchase. The reason for all of this is the same: These things may prevent your sale from tracking correctly with TalkTalk and thereby making claiming the reward harder or even impossible.

Offers from other providers with cashback rewards

Of course, TalkTalk isn't the only game in town when it comes to offering cashback or gift cards to new customers. To see all of the gift and reward options on current broadband deals you should visit our broadband comparison page, which shows all providers and their current offers. In the meantime here are a few select alternatives should you want to shop around.

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