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EE fibre broadband deals with £75 cashback

By Oprah Flash
Friday, March 9th 2018

In case you forgot to put it in your diary, it’s Mother’s Day this Sunday. Don’t worry you’ve still got a couple of days to breeze through the shops to find a gift.

EE is now offering a £75 cashback reward with its fibre broadband plans which you can put towards making mum’s pressie extra special at no extra cost to you.

Sadly, the standard broadband plan at £19 a month and £10 upfront, doesn’t come with any cashback. To boost this plan with EE TV it will cost you £20.50 a month with the same £10 set-up fee. The deal gives you an unlimited internet connection with download speeds up to 17Mbps.

The Fibre Broadband plan for £27 a month has no set-up fee and comes with £75 cashback in the form of a pre-loaded Mastercard. With unlimited monthly usage and download speeds up to 38Mbps this package is best suited to medium sized households of three or more who like to uses several devices simultaneously to connect to the world wide web.

Today's best EE deals

The fastest connection that EE offers is up to 76Mbps. You’ll find this in the Fibre Plus plan for £31 a month. It too comes with unlimited usage and a handy £75 cashback.

Cashback with broadband packages

The reward card is pre-loaded with £75 for you to spend at any shop or online retailer that accepts Mastercard payments (most of them). To receive the card, sadly you can’t sit back and chill, there is a little bit of work involved.

When you’re service is up and running, you’ll receive an email with 30 days containing instructions on how to claim. Once you’ve got it and you’ve filled out the form the reward card should arrive at your door within a further 30 days.

As a cheeky incentive to get you to be both a mobile and a broadband customer, EE is offering a 5GB data boost for your pay-monthly phone tariff when you sign up to a broadband deal.

With all the deals mentioned you’ll be entered into an 18-month minimum term contract. The deals include line rental which will give you the ability to make calls but you will have to pay as you go. These prices are all available until Wednesday 4 April.

If it’s the cashback that piqued your interest about these deals, then you may want to have a look at Sky or BT’s deals before you come to a decision.

Sky is also giving away £75 cashback as a reward card with broadband deals. The basic broadband plan is £20 a month for speeds up to 17Mbps.

BT is giving away £100 with its basic package and £175 as its top cashback giveaway. The Unlimited Broadband plan is £23.99 a month or its £39.99 for the Unlimited Infinity 2 package.

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