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EE up to £125 cashback with broadband and TV deals in Spring Sale

By Oprah Flash
Friday, April 6th 2018
Oops – this deal has now expired.
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EE has sweetened both its standard and fibre broadband packages with cashback rewards up to £125 in a new Spring Sale. The deal also applies when you add TV to your bundle. Offer ends 30 April.

Who can say no to free money? If the answer is you then we can no longer be friends as EE has an new deal that you’d be silly not to look into.

When you sign up to one of its broadband deals you’ll be eligible for a gift-card preloaded with cash to spend at any retailer that accepts Mastercard (most of them).

The amount of cash you’ve got to go shopping with depends on the type of broadband you choose. The smallest reward amount of £50 comes with EE’s basic package offering an ADSL connection with unlimited downloads and speeds up to 17Mbps. This will cost you £21.50 a month.

Any smaller household of one or two people will find these package works perfectly for the bog standard internet activities such as checking your emails, shopping and keeping up to date with social media feeds.

Today's best EE deals

While the cashback sounds quite juicy, this is by no means the cheapest deal on the market at the moment. NOW Broadband is offering an unlimited connection with the same speeds for £15 a month.

To boost EE’s Standard Broadband with a TV plan, the cost goes up to £33 a month and comes with the same £50 cashback. The TV plan gives you all the standard Freeview channels with access to on demand channels and apps.

If you’ve got a slightly bigger household or you’re a bit more of a heavy web user, you can get £75 cashback with a fibre broadband deal. You’ll pay £29 a month for speeds up to 38Mbps.

Extra 5GB or 50GB data boost for your mobile

Those with a need for speed should take advantage of EE’s Fibre Plus plan with download speeds up to 76Mbps. This is where you get the penultimate reward amount of £100 cashback.

All of the plans mentioned come with an added bonus for EE mobile customers, an extra 5GB data boost on your pay-monthly tariff.

If you don’t mind paying £45 a month for a Fibre Max Broadband deal with speeds up to 76Mbps, you get the top cashback giveaway of £125 to spend both in-store or online at retailers accepting Mastercard. You’ll also get a mahoosive 50GB of free data for your mobile tariff.

The good weather must have put EE in a good mood as it has waived the set-up fee on all of its broadband and TV deals. All of the deals span an 18-month contract.

You can’t sit back and put the kettle on while you wait for the cashback to come to you. To claim your reward card you’re going to have to put in a bit of work – not too much though. Five days after your service is up and running you’ll get an email and text from EE with instructions. After this, it should arrive within 21 working days.