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How to compare gas only deals

By Aaron Howdle | Friday, September 3rd 2021

With so many energy tariffs on offer, finding the best deals can be daunting. Do I go for a dual fuel option and get gas and electricity from the same company? Or do I opt for different gas and electricity suppliers?

In this guide we’ll explain exactly what a gas only tariff is. We’ll also show you how to compare tariffs and take a look at which suppliers offer gas-only deals, and whether it’s the best route for you to take.

What is gas only?

The answer to this question may seem obvious, but to clarify, when we talk about gas-only energy deals, we mean that you get your gas from one supplier and your electricity from a different supplier.

Although dual fuel tariffs, where you get both gas and electricity from the same supplier, can be cheaper, this is not always the case. If you shop around you can reduce your bill by having a separate gas and electricity supplier.

How does gas only differ from other energy tariffs?

The only real difference when opting for a gas-only tariff is that you will get a separate bill for your gas and electricity from each supplier. The alternative is a dual fuel deal with one supplier, where you may save money if you get a good deal, and you’ll receive one bill for both types of energy.

How to compare gas-only energy tariffs

When comparing gas-only tariffs, it is a good idea to check electricity-only tariffs at the same time. You will want to add-up how much you will be paying for both fuels to be sure your energy supply is cheaper than going for a dual fuel option. Regardless of which suppliers you end up choosing, the actual gas and electricity piped to your home will be exactly the same, and come from the same place.


For most people this really will be the deciding factor. Energy prices, particularly electricity, have risen steadily for quite a few years now (though gas prices have remained fairly stable). However, the amount of profit creamed off by different energy companies does vary, so there is plenty of choice out there when it comes to reducing your bill.

Contract length

When you are choosing between suppliers, keep an eye on how long the contract lasts. A longer contract may be cheaper, but it can cost you to leave early, so think about your individual circumstances. For example, is it possible you will need to move house before the contract ends?

Exit fees

You might need to pay an exit fee if you leave a contract early. So check if this is the case and find out how much you could be charged. This information is easy to find in the terms and conditions, usually found toward the bottom of the web page where the supplier's energy deals are advertised.

Green energy

Energy suppliers are increasingly open to showing how much of their supply comes from renewables. As more and more customers look for green energy supplies, a number of companies have appeared offering energy with a high percentage of renewable sources.

How do you switch to a gas-only tariff?

Switching to a new gas supplier is lot easier than you might think. Let’s take a look at what you will need to do.

First, have a recent gas bill to hand so you can answer a few questions about your gas use. Then head over to the uSwitch website and enter your postcode at the top of the page. You will be asked a few questions, after which a list of gas deals will be shown.

Once you have chosen the deal for you, simply request the switch and everything will be taken care of. The only difference you will notice is any savings you make, and where your bill comes from; your gas supply will not be interrupted or changed in any way.

Which suppliers offer gas-only energy?

There are quite a few companies offering a gas-only tariff. Ranging form the big ones we have all heard of to smaller companies along with some that specialise in renewable energy.

The Big Six

This was the collective term applied to the six largest energy suppliers in the UK, but since various takeover, the biggest companies in the UK are now British Gas, EDF Energy, E.ON (the new owner of Npower), Scottish Power and Ovo (the new owner of SSE). Ofgem now refers to them collectively as the large energy suppliers. All of them offer gas-only tariffs and British Gas is still the biggest UK provider.

Smaller energy suppliers

In addition to the large energy suppliers, there are plenty of smaller energy companies. In most cases they try to bring a fresh angle to the energy market with a couple of specific selling points, like better customer services or greener energy. Octopus Energy, Shell Energy and Utility Warehouse are some of these smaller suppliers. There are also the green suppliers, like Bulb, Ecotricity, Green Energy UK and Good Energy, which guarantee that a certain percentage of the gas and electricity they provide comes from renewable sources.

Frequently asked questions

Is it cheaper to buy gas only than dual fuel?

Although dual fuel deals often offer a discount. it is possible to find a cheaper deal if you hunt around for both a cheap gas-only deal and separate electricity-only deal.

What is a dual fuel discount?

Some energy companies offer a discount to customers switching to a dual fuel (gas and electricity) tariff. A number of companies have stopped offering dual fuel discounts in the past couple of years, however, claiming that they instead offer the lowest possible price to all of their customers.

Do electricity suppliers do gas-only tariffs?

Yes, in most cases they do. Almost all the energy companies offer both gas and electricity.

How can I save money on my energy bills?

Switching energy suppliers regularly can save you quite a bit on your energy bills. Use a comparison site to find the cheapest deal for you. There are also lots of things you can do around the home to reduce your energy usage and therefore save money – there are lots of handy tips in our guide to lowering your energy bills.

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