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Which locations complain the most about bad broadband?

By Cable.co.uk | Tuesday, December 15th 2020

We trawled the internet and looked at more than 11,000 one-star-reviews of broadband providers* to find out who the biggest ‘broadband bashers’ are here in the UK, and it’s bad news if your name is Chris and you live in Manchester…

Yes, that’s right - Manchester has been revealed as the location with the highest number of residents that complain the most about their broadband, with a total of 257 one-star reviews, equating to one complaint for every 2,152 people! Following closely behind were Cambridge, Spalding, Oxford and Aylesbury.

Comparatively, the location that complains the least about its broadband quality was found to be Dudley, with 24,738 people per one complaint. Fife, Kent, Solihull and Salford were the other places most pleased with their broadband, making up the rest of the top five happiest broadband users (or who complain the e).

Men were more than twice as likely to make a complaint, equating to 69% of negative reviews, while the name Chris popped up more than any other, with 104 complaints. Sarah, meanwhile, was the most common female name to leave a one-star review.

Broadband Bashers infographic


  • The team used online consumer reviews (e.g. from TrustPilot and ISPreview) to look at one-star reviews of the UK’s most-used broadband providers (according to https://www.ispreview.co.uk/review/top10.php)
  • A data-scraping tool (Parsehub) was used to take the name and location (where possible) of more than 11,249 one-star reviews to compile the data-set
  • 2019 population estimates from the ONS were used to establish the number of one-star-reviews per 100,000 people, to create the ranked list (https://ons.gov.uk)

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