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Can I get Virgin Media in my area?

Hannah Ricci
Tuesday, November 24th 2015

Virgin Media’s fibre optic network currently covers just over half of UK properties and is growing all the time. Our availability checker will tell you whether you can receive Virgin Media in your area.

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What does Virgin Media offer?

Virgin Media offers a variety of broadband, TV and phone bundles, which should save you money in the long run. Here’s a quick overview of what it offers.


Virgin Media is the only wide-reaching broadband supplier that has installed its own lines, meaning it can offer a broadband-only service without you having to pay for either line rental or a call plan. Virgin also only offers fibre optic packages, which means it can offer faster broadband than its competitors, running at 50Mbps, 100Mbps or 200Mbps.

All broadband packages from Virgin Media come with 24-hour support, free internet security, free wi-fi on the London Underground and a Super Hub wireless router.


Virgin Media offers a range of TV packages that can be built into your broadband and phone bundle, or simply bought individually. The packages range from TV M, which comes with 60 channels, 10 HD channels and four catch up players, to the extensive TV XL package, which comes with 230+ channels, 43 HD channels, 14 Sky channels, a load of catch up and on demand content – and even BT Sport.

Your TV package will come with either a V HD box, a 500GB TiVo box or a 1TB TiVo box. These boxes allow you to watch your content in both HD and 3D (if you have an HD or 3D-enabled TV), and let you pause, rewind and record live TV. Note that the V HD box doesn’t allow you to record.


If you still want a landline, Virgin does offer four different call plans that can be added to your package. By taking a landline you will have to pay Virgin Media’s line rental, which is £17.99.

The four plans are Talk Weekends, which gives you free calls on weekends; Talk Evenings & Weekends, which gives you free calls on evenings and weekends; Talk Unlimited, which gives free calls to all UK landlines and 0870 numbers; and finally, Talk Unlimited Extra, which gives free calls to landlines and mobiles.

All the plans allow you to make free calls to Virgin mobiles, and there are a number of additional features on offer, such as last number recall, permanent number withhold, and a free voicemail service.


Virgin Mobile is the mobile arm of Virgin Media and offers a range of SIM-only deals and pay monthly plans. Its SIM-only plans can be taken with or without other Virgin Media services – there’s no difference in price whether you’re an existing Virgin customer or not.

Plans start at £5 per month for 250 minutes, unlimited texts and 250MB of data, all the way to £23 per month for unlimited minutes and texts and 8GB of data. All calls to other Virgin Mobile customers are free of charge and you can download the Virgin Wi-Fi Buddy app, which lets you connect to any of over 22,000 wi-fi hotspots around the UK, for free.


If this all sounds a bit complicated, Virgin has built four Big Bundles, which include different levels of broadband, TV and phone, to suit your needs. They range from the Big Easy, which comes with 50Mbps broadband, 60+ TV channels and a weekend call plan, to the Big Kahuna, which comes with 200Mbps broadband, 230+ channels, BT Sport and an unlimited weekend calls plan.

The price of these bundles steadily increases, but it’s still a simpler and cheaper way to receive your services. For those who don’t want a TV package, Virgin Media also offers a broadband and phone bundle (Big Connection).

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Switching to Virgin Media

It’s easier than you might think

Virgin Media makes it very easy to switch from another network – even providing a cancellation letter template for you to download, fill in and print off. But you will need to give notice of cancellation – normally 30 days. If you’re tied into a long-term contract, you’ll normally have to wait until the end to switch or face early termination fees.

The initial sign-up is fast

Once you’ve selected a package or bundle it will only take you a few minutes to join Virgin Media. You can complete the sign-up process online and you will receive a confirmation email within 48 hours. Your confirmation email will also include details of when Virgin’s engineer will come to install your chosen services.

Installation process

Virgin Media will choose a date, but you can change it

If the date given isn’t convenient, just reply to your confirmation with a date that suits you better. On average, Virgin will try to make sure your installation takes place within 10 days of you signing up, although at busier times of the year – such as in the run-up to Christmas or ahead of a major sporting event – it may take longer.

Installation is usually free, but it depends where you live

As Virgin’s engineer will need access to both the inside and outside of your property to complete your installation, someone will have to be at home throughout the whole process. Installation can cost up to £49.95, but it’s usually free if you sign up online.

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