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Plusnet Mobile review 2018

Claire Nottage
Friday, February 24th 2017

Plusnet has joined the ever-growing gang of quad-play providers by launching Plusnet Mobile. With 4G and no-contract, one-size-fits-all SIM cards as standard, it's certainly looking good.

Plusnet Mobile is keeping things simple, in line with its broadband offerings. With a choice of just four plans, optional bolt-ons and special offers for existing Plusnet customers, we take a look at the details.

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Pros and cons

  • 4G speeds and wide coverage
  • Smart Cap prevents excess expenditure
  • No charges for tethering
  • Limited choice of plans
  • Low data allowance
  • No handset deals

What we like

4G speeds and wide coverage on EE network

Plusnet is offering 4G services from the off, providing its service on the EE network, which means fast, widely available speeds for all. (Always check availability in your area prior to signing up using the EE coverage map.)

Plusnet has taken over LIFE mobile, which was initially provided by Phones4U. Any pre-existing LIFE mobile customers will automatically become Plusnet Mobile customers and enjoy a boost from 3G to 4G, where available.

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Smart Cap prevents excess expenditure

In order to prevent receiving any kind of bill shock, Plusnet Mobile allows you to set a cap on your expenditure. As a default, this is set to £5, but you can set it how you see fit.

If you find that you occasionally need extra data, you can buy a bolt-on. These range from £2 for 250MB of data up to £15 for 4GB of data. Bolt-ons for minutes and texts are also available, starting from £1 for 100 texts and £1.50 for 100 minutes. All Plusnet Mobile deals run on rolling 30-day terms, so if you decide you need more or less on a regular basis you can easily change tariff.

No charges for tethering

Plusnet Mobile only offers a maximum of 4GB of data per month (or up to 8GB including a bolt-on), which you would get through quite rapidly if you tether regularly. Happily, Plusnet Mobile puts no limits on tethering – unlike some other providers – so if you do like to tether, this will suit you down to the ground.

Plusnet's theme seems to indicate good-value flexibility. It may not offer the extra goodies and bonuses of some of the bigger providers, but if it carries its good record of UK customer service through to its mobile arm, it should have a lot of happy customers.

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What we don’t like

Limited choice of plans

Although some customers might be pleased with a relatively small array of choice, Plusnet's SIM-only options are limited. There are just four plans to choose from, starting from £5 per month for 500MB of data, 250 minutes and 500 texts, and ranging up to £15 for 4GB of data, unlimited minutes and unlimited texts. However, if you are an existing Plusnet broadband customer, you will benefit from getting double data across all plans.

It's also worth noting that Plusnet Mobile does not offer pay-as-you-go plans at all – the only option is SIM-only. Nor are there any handset with pay monthly deals available.

Low data allowance

Not so long ago, 4GB of data was regarded as a lot. However, times are moving fast and with increasing customer demand for mobile data, data allowances have increased. Many providers offer 15GB-20GB as their top package, with some even offering up to 30GB. Although most people will not need anything like that much, 4GB does seem on the mean side for a top package. However, if you are an existing Plusnet customer, you can benefit from double data on these plans, meaning you can get up to 8GB with the top plan.

No handset deals

Plusnet is not (at least as yet) entering the business of handset deals. It is a budget provider offering good value budget deals. So if you are looking for a new handset deal, you will need to look elsewhere. For now, Plusnet is focussing solely on SIM-only deals to complement its broadband packages.

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Plusnet Mobile is offering a pleasingly straightforward choice of four 4G SIM-only plans that will hold wide appeal. Plus, existing Plusnet broadband customers can benefit from special 'Mates Rates' offers, including double data.

However, the limited amount of data available and the lack of handset deals may be a turn-off for some. If this is you, it might be worth looking at O2, Vodafone or EE instead.

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