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Sky Mobile review 2018

Claire Nottage
Monday, March 6th 2017

The waiting is finally over: Sky has announced the launch of Sky Mobile. Running on the O2 network, coverage and 4G speeds are expected to be good.

There are three SIM-only deals on offer, with data being the headline here. In an increasingly data-reliant world, this would seem an eminently good idea. But Sky Mobile has some other novel ideas too – read on to find out more.

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Pros and cons

  • Data-based packages
  • Sync with your Sky Box
  • Option to adapt plan monthly
  • Aimed firmly at existing Sky customers
  • Relatively low data allowances
  • Expensive compared to competition

What we like

Data-based plans

Sky has clearly researched customers’ mobile needs carefully. In the knowledge that most people now rely primarily on data, but don’t always use their full allowance each month, Sky have come up with a unique package that allows unused data to be kept in an online ‘piggybank’ for later use – for up to three years.

Calls and texts are free for Sky TV customers, but non-Sky customers will be charged an extra £10 per month.

Sky customers can sync to their Sky box

Another innovation from Sky is that Sky TV customers can sync to their Sky box at home and create personal playlists of their favourite TV shows to watch when they are out and about. Plus, Sky Go Extra is included for free for existing Sky+ TV customers who choose to take Sky Mobile.

Note that this functionality will not initially be available to new Sky Q customers, but Sky assert this will happen in 2017.

Adapt your plan on a monthly basis

Although all Sky’s mobile packages come on a fixed 12-month basis, in order to compete with the increase in 30-day packages now on offer from many other providers, Sky is allowing customers to change their package each month if they feel they need more or less data, calls or texts.

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Sky Mobile runs on the O2 network. Although O2 does not have the widest 4G coverage (that honour goes to EE), it does offer extensive 3G, with the 4G service growing all the time. You can check what service you can expect to receive in your area by visiting the Sky coverage map.

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What we don’t like

Plans aimed primarily at Sky customers

Sky Mobile is clearly heavily aimed at Sky customers. UK calls and texts to any network are free for existing Sky TV customers, whereas non-Sky customers will have to either pay for each call they make, or pay an extra £10 per month for unlimited calls and texts.

Plus, the option to enjoy watching your home Sky TV package on the go brings no benefit to non-Sky TV customers.

Limited choice of packages with relatively low data options

When you consider that some providers now offer up to 30GB of data per month, Sky’s top offering of 5GB per month seems pretty paltry, especially with the £20 monthly price tag, and for non-Sky customers, no calls or texts are included in that price either.

Although suitable for most people’s needs, there will be a considerable portion of the market for whom 5GB per month is just not enough, and plenty more who will look elsewhere for a better deal.

Top-end plan is expensive

Sky Mobile charges £10 per month for its 1GB deal and £15 for 3GB – both prices are fairly average for the mobile market in general, but £20 for 5GB is expensive.

With many plans around now offering 20GB or 30GB of data for £20 to £30 per month, Sky’s top-level plan seems ridiculously expensive in comparison. However, if you are an existing Sky TV customer and you go for one of the cheaper plans, along with its free calls and texts – and the ability to stash away unused data for future use – it could be a wise choice.

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Sky is presenting an interesting SIM-only product that will primarily attract existing Sky customers. With the option to adapt your plan on a rolling monthly basis and save any unused data, it is refreshing to see a provider offering something different from the norm.

However, the plan options are limited – and expensive at the top end – and for non-Sky customers do not represent great value for money.

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