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Getting the best Sky retention and renewal deals 2016

Richard Murphy
Tuesday, February 28th 2017

Loyalty to friends is noble. Loyalty to your broadband, TV and phone provider? Not so much.

That’s because squatting on the same package beyond the period of your contract means paying more than you should. To avoid that you have two choices: switch to a new provider to take advantage of introductory ‘new customer’ deals, or renew with Sky and try to haggle for better terms.

Renewing with Sky

1. Make sure your contract has ended

Firstly, you’re only going to be in a position to do something if you’re already at the end of your contract with Sky. Most contracts are either 12 or 18 months long and, when you reach the end of that period, you’re moved to a 30-day rolling contract. This means you only have to give Sky 30 days’ notice when you want to cancel.

Leaving Sky when you’re still within the terms of your contract means you’ll end up with cancellation fees – which are well worth avoiding.

If you don’t know when your contract is ending, you should be able to find out from your paper contract, a bill or from your online Sky iD. Failing that, give Sky a call – the agent should be able to tell you.

2. Have a look at the competition

Before you speak to Sky, have a look at what other providers are offering. This gives you a bit of perspective if Sky does offer you a deal, giving you something to compare it to.

Providers like TalkTalk, BT, Virgin Media and Plusnet usually have attractive introductory offers to entice new customers. It’s rare that the deal you’ll be offered from Sky will outweigh the introductory deal from these providers.

There are other considerations to take into account – like being able to find a suitable package and whether you can be bothered to switch – but generally the best broadband deals are reserved for new customers.

Cheapest deals in my area

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3. Call Sky and haggle for a better deal

Just asking for a deal from Sky won’t result in a great deal of success. The best way to coax a retention deal is to threaten to leave Sky. We would only recommend doing this if you’re happy to switch providers – you don’t want Sky to call your bluff and you end up with a provider you’re not happy with.

When you call, you’ll be put through to Sky’s retention department. Here you can discuss your situation, explain what you’ve seen elsewhere and tell them what you want.

Sky’s retention offers will differ from customer to customer, so it’s impossible to predict how you’ll do at this point. Sky may offer you an incredible deal – it may offer you nothing. Always bear in mind what other providers offer. If you think you could get a better deal for an ideal package elsewhere, it might be time to make the switch.

4. Decide whether to switch or stick

It’s make your mind up time. Weigh up whether the retention deal on the table from Sky outweighs the introductory offer from another provider or not.

If you’re happy with what Sky offers, you’ll have to sign another contract lasting either 12 or 18 months, depending on the package you choose. If you decide it’s not right for you, then it’s time to cancel, but you don’t have to do it there and then.

Sky should give you some time to consider its proposal, leaving it open on your account. If you do want to switch, you won’t need to call Sky back – your new provider will do that for you (unless you’re moving to Virgin Media).

Switching will get you a better deal

Choose your new provider wisely

There are a lot of TV and broadband providers out there, all offering different products at different prices. Finding the right provider and the right package may seem a little daunting, but our comparison pages will make things simpler for you.

We look at price, contract length, features and factors usually hidden in the fine print, like whether there’s a fair usage charge, or any additional fees for equipment delivery. The comparison table is there so you can make the best decision based on all the facts.

The best offers are kept for new customers

Not only do our comparison pages list all the best broadband and TV deals at the moment, they also include details of any incentive promotions, periods of free service or introductory gifts that come with the package. From time to time we also feature exclusive deals which you won’t find anywhere else, so it’s worth having a look.

Broadband providers rely on their customers being a bit lazy, paying their bills through direct debit without thinking twice and never switching. All the best deals are available to new customers, so the quickest way to get your hands on them is to switch providers.

There’s no need to call Sky

Switching broadband has been made far easier thanks to new legislation put in place by Ofcom. Just choose the deal that suits you using our comparison page.

Your new provider will inform you of what you need to do next, and whether you’ll need to arrange a time for an engineer to visit. It will also contact Sky to let it know that you are leaving, so you don’t have to make that call.

Unless you're switching to Virgin Media

The only exception to the rule is Virgin Media as it runs on a different network. If you’re planning on switching to Virgin, you’ll have to contact Sky yourself to inform it of your cancellation.

Prices include line rental
  • TalkTalk Broadband + TV

    • Freeview channels
    • Pay nothing today
    • TV Box & Super Router
    • Up to 17Mb
    • 103 channels
    • PAYG calls
    £19 .95
    £25 set-up cost Go
  • BT Unlimited Broadband + Calls + TV Starter & Sport

    • Freeview + BT Sport (add at checkout)
    • Pay nothing today
    • Weekend calls
    • YouView+ box & BT Smart Hub router
    • Up to 17Mb
    • 73 channels
    • Inclusive calls
    £27 .49
    £59.99 set-up cost Go
  • TalkTalk Broadband + TV Plus

    • Freeview + 30 extra channels
    • Pay nothing today
    • TV Plus Box & Super Router
    • Up to 17Mb
    • 136 channels
    • PAYG calls
    Offer ends 21st December, No broadband setup fee & Fixed price for the contract length
    £25 .95
    £25 set-up cost Go
  • Virgin Media The Full House TV Bundle

    • Freeview + premium + BT Sport
    • Pay nothing today
    • Weekend calls
    • Free TV V6 box & WiFi router
    • Up to 100Mb
    • 275 channels
    • Inclusive calls
    Netflix included for 6 months
    £20 set-up cost Go
  • NOW TV Unlimited Broadband + TV Entertainment

    • Freeview + premium channels (inc Sky Atlantic)
    • Pay set-up cost today
    • Free TV Smart Box & WiFi router
    • Up to 17Mb
    • 116 channels
    • PAYG calls
    Introductory offer
    £24 .99
    £22 set-up cost Go
  • BT Unlimited Infinity + Calls + TV Starter & Sport

    • Freeview + BT Sport
    • Pay nothing today
    • Weekend calls
    • YouView+ box & BT Smart Hub router
    • Up to 52Mb
    • 79 channels
    • Inclusive calls
    Offer ends 21st December
    £33 .49
    £59.99 set-up cost Go

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