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BT Mobile deals
  • Discounts for existing broadband customers
  • Widest available 4G network in the UK
  • Range of handsets and family SIM deals

BT Mobile comparison

Why choose BT Mobile?

Alongside EE, BT Mobile offers the widest 4G coverage in the UK, but what other stand-out features can you expect from a BT Mobile plan?

  • Family SIM deals
  • Free, unlimited internet access at five million BT Wi-fi hotspots
  • Money off for existing phone and broadband customers
  • WiFi Calling
  • Widest available 4G network
  • A carefully selected range of handsets
  • Parental controls for mobile internet content
  • Tools to help manage your monthly spend

Family SIM deals

There comes a time in every parent's life when their children start asking for a phone. It's usually around the final year of primary school. The children are gaining a little more independence and will soon be making the longer journey to secondary school. When this time comes, you'll probably want a cheap deal which includes lots of data and good parental controls. That's where BT Family SIM deals come in.

BT's Family SIM deals allow the bundling of up to four additional SIMs to your bill. Each additional SIM gets the same minutes, data and texts as the main SIM but at a discounted monthly price.

The main SIM is on a 12-month contract, with additional SIMs on flexible 30-day contracts. So if one of your SIMs is for a child who doesn't use their phone responsibly, you can easily cancel it (or at least threaten to).

The more SIMs you add to your contract the cheaper their monthly cost. A household of five people could save up to nearly 50% compared to the same BT Mobile deal on five separate contracts.

Free, unlimited internet access at five million BT Wi-fi hotspots

Aspiring novelists and homeworkers can enjoy a much-needed change of scene thanks to BT mobile's five million Wifi hotspots. The coffee shop becomes your office, but be sure to bring some snug fitting headphones to block out the noisy team meeting on the next table. This much free wifi is not to be sniffed at and can prove a great way to save your data allowance for when it's really needed.

Money off for existing BT phone and broadband customers

If you already have BT broadband, you will get a discount on BT Mobile plans. At the time of writing, existing broadband customers get £5 off the price of their mobile deal. This adds up to around 50% off its cheapest SIM deal. More expensive deals with more data have the same amount of money off, but they are more expensive, so the discount is smaller in percentage terms.

WiFi Calling

It's annoying when a bit of local geography or the design of your home causes bad mobile reception.

To solve this problem, BT Mobile have recently added Wifi calling to its list of services. As long as you are in range of a wi-fi connection you can make calls and send texts from your mobile. A real plus for people who get bad reception at home. There are other providers out there who do offer WiFi calling, including O2, but it's not widely available.

BT Sport via the BT Sport app

BT Mobile customers on the middling to upper plans get the BT Sport app included in their bundle. The app provides access to tons of football including matches from, the UEFA Champions League, Premier League, UEFA and the Europa League. Rugby fans can watch AVIVA Premiership and European Champions Cup matches. In addition to football and rugby, there is Moto GP, Moto1, Moto2 and Moto3 races for motorbike fans.

The BT Sport app's Enhanced Player allows viewers to re-watch matches, and navigate to specific parts of a game. It also gives a choice of camera angles, allowing the viewer to control how they view the action. The BT Sport app is a great bonus for sports fans and a cost-effective way to access BT Sports content when compared with cable and satellite TV packages.

Widest Available 4G network

In 2016, BT spent £12.5 billion acquiring mobile provider EE. As a result, BT (alongside EE) now boasts the widest available 4G network in the UK. BT estimates that around 75% of the population is able to access 4G through its mobile network, while 3G accessibility stands at 99%.

BT Mobile customers currently receive download speeds capped at around 30Mbps, despite using EE's 4G network which can provide speeds up to 60Mbps. For an extra monthly fee you can upgrade to Extra Speed 4G which has a theoretical top speed of 60Mbps. Much of the 4G network will not be able to reach 60Mbps though, so unless you know that the fastest speeds are available where you live, you probably won't need the upgrade.

A carefully selected range of handsets

BT Mobile may not offer the largest range of handsets, but what they do have is well chosen. The majority of phones are from Apple and Samsung with the latest models at the top of the pile. Also available are older iPhone handsets, plus a range of other Samsung handsets to suit different budgets. In addition to these, BT mobile also offers selected handsets from Google, Sony and Nokia.

One downside however is that while BT offers some great SIM-only deals, particularly for those ordering multiple SIMs as a family, the price of its handsets is far from the cheapest available. Something to consider when deciding where to source your handset.

Parental controls for mobile web content

There is some pretty nasty stuff out there on the internet wwhich is often a source of worry for parents of children with smartphones. BT Mobile offers free parental controls, which will come in very handy for parents who choose a Family SIM deal.

Parental controls offer three levels of content filtering. 'Strict' blocks any content unsuitable for under 12s; 'light' will stop any adult content form getting through, while the 'off' setting is what it sounds like, offering no filtering of content and letting everything through. By default all BT SIMs come with 'light' filtering enabled.

It's important to remember that content from the phones 4G or 3G connection gets filtered by these parental controls, but not content viewed via a home wi-fi connection. So it's necessary to set up controls on your home wi-fi as well.

Tools to help manage your monthly spend

Going over your monthly data or roaming allowance can work out pretty expensive. Luckily BT Mobile offers a few tools to help manage additional spending on your account. By logging in on the BT website you can set a monthly spend cap for any charges outside your allowance and a cap for spending while you're abroad (you change the cap at any time).

The caps for spending on your monthly bill and while abroad are particularly useful features, especially for those who are providing SIMs for their kids.

The BT mobile app allows you to monitor your remaining minutes, texts and data, and you will be sent text alerts to let you know when you are running out, giving you the opportunity to buy an add-on or upgrade to a plan with more data, minutes and texts.