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Moving home with EE

By Claire Nottage | Tuesday, June 20th 2023

With so much to remember when you move home, your essential broadband connection can easily get forgotten, so it’s a good idea to get it organised as soon as you can. Most providers only ask for a month’s notice when you move home, but you can let them know earlier than that and make it one less thing to tick off the list.

In this guide we look at what’s involved when you move home with EE. Whether you want to keep your existing broadband service, upgrade it, or even cancel completely and switch to a new broadband provider, we explain what you need to do, and the options available to you.

Keeping your current EE broadband package

EE runs on the Openreach network, used by almost all other providers, including BT, Sky and TalkTalk. Its fibre cables cover the vast majority of the UK so there is a good chance that EE’s services will be available at your new address. To double check, you can visit the availability checker on EE’s website. Just key in your new postcode and you will immediately see what is available.

EE requests a minimum notice period of three weeks if you are moving house, but it is best to let it know as soon as you can so that the transfer of your service will be as smooth as possible. You can call EE on 150 from your EE phone for free or on 0800 079 8586 from any other phone. Make sure you have your current home number and address to hand, along with your new home address and your intended move date when you make the call.

To help you keep track of your move, EE will send you regular text updates and emails so you can rest assured your connection will be up and running when you move in. You can also use your online EE account to keep track of the progress. You will need to take your current EE router with you and reconnect it at your new address. If any additional installation work is required, EE will do this for free. As a bonus, EE also offers the first month of broadband free to all existing customers who take their broadband service with them to their new address.

Upgrading or changing your EE Broadband deal

Before you decide to make any changes to your existing EE broadband package, it’s important to check where you are in your current contract. If you are still mid-contract, you cannot downgrade your current bundle, although you can upgrade, but this will mean you will have to commit to a new 24-month contract when you move.

Upgrade your download speed

If you are currently on a superfast fibre contract, you might want to consider upgrading to one of EE’s full fibre packages. Subject to availability at your new address, you can choose from full fibre speeds of 36Mbps, 74Mbps, 100Mbps, 500Mbps or 900Mbps.

The rollout of full fibre broadband by Openreach is ongoing and the service is currently available at around one third of UK homes. If it is not yet available at your new address, it is likely to be available soon. You can request to be notified by Openreach or Vodafone once it is available.

Moving home and leaving EE broadband

If your initial contract term with EE has expired, you might be thinking about a change of provider when you move house. The best deals are always those kept for new customers, so if you shop around you are highly likely to find something cheaper or better value than your current offering. The easiest way to do this is to visit our online broadband comparison tool where you can sort through all the deals currently available and filter by price, speed and extras to choose what you want.

If you are looking to save money on your current package, then you might want to consider a slower connection speed or choose a provider known for cheap and simple deals such as Plusnet or TalkTalk. On the other hand, if you want a superior package with faster speeds, and full fibre isn’t yet available at your new address, it’s worth seeing if Virgin Media is in your new area. Virgin offers even faster average speeds than most other providers, topping 1130Mbps with its premium package, and it is more widely available than the Openreach full fibre services – for the time being at least.

If you are still in contract with EE, we would advise you to stay with the provider until the end of your contract approaches. If you cancel, you will have to pay early termination fees, which usually amount to the total cost of any outstanding monthly payments. EE will not charge you to take your existing package with you, nor will it levy any charges if additional installation work is required to get you connected.

Moving home with EE mobile

EE offers the best mobile coverage across the UK, with 99% coverage for its 4G service, which can provide speeds averaging 30Mbps. EE’s 5G service is also now widely available, averaging 150Mbps. This means that wherever you move to, you are likely to have access to a strong EE signal. Once you know your move date, you can easily update your details in your online My EE account.

Sign up to EE mobile with EE home broadband to gain extra benefits

If you don’t already have EE Mobile, it might be worth making the switch if you also want to keep EE broadband as there are a lot of benefits if you do so. Existing and new customers can claim a 5GB monthly boost to their mobile data when signing up for EE broadband. There is also the option to add BT Sport to your plan as a free Inclusive Extra.

Moving home with EE 4G home broadband

If you currently use EE 4G or 5G for your home broadband, you can simply take your router with you to your new address and update your details on your My EE account. Although EE is widely available across the UK, it is still worth checking what the signal is like in your new area. There is no need to start a new contract, you can simply allow your existing contract to roll on at your new address.

If you want to cancel your 4G home broadband and switch to cabled broadband, you should let EE know. Bear in mind that if you are still in contract, you will be liable to pay the remaining fees.

Frequently asked questions

What happens if my move date changes?

If you move date changes for any reason you should let EE know as soon as possible so it can ensure you stay connected at your current address and adjust the reconnection date at your new address.

Can I take my old phone number to my new address?

EE runs on the Openreach network, so if you are moving within the same area and wish to keep your landline number, you can. If you are moving out of the area and still require a landline number, you will be issued with a new one.

Can I switch from EE 4G home broadband to EE fibre?

Yes. If you wish to terminate your 4G connection, check that you are out of contract and give EE one month’s notice. At this point you should also order your new fibre connection.

Will EE give me any special offers if I sign up to a new contract?

In general, broadband providers save their best deals for brand new customers. However, EE does offer customers with both EE mobile and EE broadband several benefits, including extra monthly data.

Can I get EE in rented accommodation?

You will need to get permission from your landlord to install broadband in a rented property, especially if any installation work is required.

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