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How to get NOW TV help

By Tim Smith | Friday, August 20th 2021

NOW Broadband has emerged from the shadow of its owner Sky to become a unique, budget provider in its own right and one that doesn't require credit checks. Whether you're a current NOW Broadband customer or you're thinking of becoming one, it's a good idea to know what to do when something goes wrong.

A number of common problems can be resolved by visiting NOW TV's online community and help pages. In this guide, we offer advice on how to fix some common problems with your NOW Broadband and TV packages before you call the customer helpline.

Payment and billing issues

If you’ve missed paying your latest NOW Broadband bill, or you think you will struggle to make your next payment, both the NOW Broadband app and your account pages on the website are well set up to help. The same can be said if you think you’ve been overcharged. Here are a few ways that you can get on top of your financial issues.

If you have missed a payment or are struggling to pay your bill

If you know you're going to miss one payment or more, you should contact NOW Broadband as soon as possible. This is the best policy because NOW Broadband can restrict your service and then disconnect you completely until any shortfall has been paid. It also has the option of charging you for late payment and reconnection.

Check your Direct Debit

NOW Broadband's preferred payment method is for you to set up a Direct Debit payment. This is also usually the safest method because even if you change your bank or building society, your direct debits should move automatically. However, sometimes errors can occur, so double check with your bank or building society that your Direct Debit for NOW TV has gone through properly.

Once you have established what has happened, you can try to negotiate with NOW to increase your monthly payment to cover any shortfall or you can offer to pay smaller amounts on top of your regular Direct Debit payments over the phone using your credit or debit cards.

What if you've been overcharged?

If you feel like you have been overcharged by NOW – for example for an add-on that you have not ordered, contact NOW Broadband immediately and politely request a refund. Checking your monthly bill payment using the NOW Broadband app or your account pages on the website is a good habit to get into for exactly this reason.

Problems with your broadband

Broadband problems can have a host of causes, but surprisingly the most common ones are neither very technical nor very hard to resolve. Let's have a look at how to either fix your problem or at least eliminate certain potential causes so that you have the information you need to get the fastest response from NOW Broadband customer service.

  • Status check – The first thing to do is see if your broadband connection is down or if there is a problem in your area rather than it just being your home that is affected. To do this, log in to your NOW Broadband account, go to 'Help' then to 'Check service' and type in your postcode
  • Have you paid your bill? – If you've taken a contract with NOW Broadband, make sure your Direct Debit has gone through, either by checking your account status on the NOW Broadband website or checking your bank account
  • Turn your NOW Broadband Hub off and on again – Unplug your NOW Broadband Hub or Hub 2 from the power. Then unplug all the cables from your hub. Wait two minutes, then reconnect the cables and turn your hub back on. Wait another two minutes or so for it to connect to the network
  • Unplug your phone – Your NOW Broadband Hub or Hub 2 are connected to the outside world via your phone socket. In the case of your Hub 2, which uses a fibre connection, it will have been fitted by a BT Openreach engineer. You will either have a two-socket connection (Hub 2) or a microfilter that enables you to connect both your landline and broadband. Disconnect your phone cable and check your broadband is working correctly by loading a webpage into a browser
  • Wifi or broadband – Check whether the problem is with your wifi connection or your broadband. If possible, connect a computer or laptop directly into your NOW Broadband Hub or Hub 2 with an ethernet cable. Try to connect to a website using a browser. If there is still a problem, follow the other steps in this guide. If the your broadband is working well, then the problem might lie with your wifi connection
  • No faults found – If you've tried our tips and still can't find a problem, it's time to check the NOW Broadband help pages, guides, and the online community pages

Problems with your wifi

Most people use their home broadband over wifi, so a fault or slowdown can be exasperating. Your wifi signal is produced by your NOW Broadband Hub or Hub 2. So if there is a problem, the chances are it stems from your router. Here's how to troubleshoot wifi issues.

Move your NOW Broadband Hub

Wifi signals can often be interrupted or blocked by things like walls, doors, boxes, furniture or even piles of magazines. Try moving your New TV Hub or Hub 2 to somewhere less obstructed in your home. If you're still not getting the speed you want, you can buy Wifi Boosters (also known as Wifi Extenders) that are widely available online.

Reset your Hub or Hub 2

Both NOW TV's Hub and Hub 2 have rest switches. Locate yours and activate it. Then wait for a minute for it to reconnect. Then test your wifi signal.

Problem with NOW TV streaming

Although NOW TV and NOW Broadband are separate, you may also be using a NOW TV Smart Stick. Both of these make use of your broadband and wifi connection.

  • Move your Smart Stick – If you have more than one HDMI socket on your TV, try moving your NOW TV Smart Stick to another one
  • Restart your Hub or Hub 2 – Simple, just turn your Hub or Hub 2 off. Wait for two minutes. Turn it back on and try streaming TV again
  • Check your speed – It's possible that your broadband is working, but is too slow to allow TV streaming. Go online and search for 'Broadband speed check'. There are several sites that you can use for this

Problems with your landline

You may also have signed up for a fixed landline deal as part of your NOW Broadband contract. Here are some quick fixes if something goes wrong.

  • Test your phone on its own – All this means is unplugging the broadband cable that is either plugged in via a dual socket or a small microfilter box hanging out of your wall socket
  • Check 'Call Divert' – Make sure you've not accidentally turned on Call Divert or even Call Blocking. You'll find out how to do this in the manual that came with your phone
  • Check the batteries – If your handset requires batteries, old ones could be the problem with your landline calls

Getting Help with NOW Broadband

NOW Broadband has an excellent collection of help pages, FAQs and guides on its website. It's best to arm yourself with as much info as possible to speed up the process of getting answers.

Customer service phone number

If you need to contact NOW customer service the number is 03300 412473.

Use social media to speed up response times

If you feel like NOW TV is taking too much time getting back to you about a complaint or a problem, try using social media for a gentle nudge. NOW TV has a social media presence on Twitter and Instagram (both @nowtv), and it also has a Facebook page. Remember to be polite in all communications.

Frequently asked questions

Problems with your bill?

If you have problems paying your bill then you should contact NOW TV straight away. Failing to do this can result in your broadband service being reduced or even cut off until you pay your bill. The quickest way to contact NOW TV about your broadband contract is via your account page on the NOW TV website.

Does NOW TV own its own broadband network

No, NOW TV's broadband is delivered to your home using BT's Openreach infrastructure. In terms of getting help or making a complaint, however, you will need to contact NOW TV directly. Read this guide to find out how.

Does NOW TV fix faults quickly?

This obviously depends on the nature of the fault. NOW TV, like many other broadband providers, relies on BT's Openreach engineers to fix major problems, but for the most part you should be able to get help quickly from NOW TV's online guides, and its Community pages.

Can a faulty telephone line affect my broadband?

Yes. Your NOW Broadband comes into your home using your phone line – with some tweaks made by the engineers at the nearest junction box. So, if you're having problems there are some tips in this guide for checking if your phone is interfering with your broadband or even the other way around.

How do I find out if there is a fault in my area?

If you have an account username and password with NOW Broadband, log in and go to the Help area, then click on 'Having trouble with your broadband' and then 'Check broadband status'.

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