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How to cancel Plusnet broadband

By Aaron Howdle | Wednesday, June 2nd 2021

Want to cancel Plusnet broadband, but worried about the stress involved? Well fear not. In most cases it's pretty easy to switch your broadband provider. As always, there are a few things to be aware of, which is where our handy guide comes in.

Of course Plusnet will want you to stay. But if you have absolutely had enough, or just seen an attractive deal elsewhere then it's time to act. So! let us take you by the hand as you don your quitting hat and head for the door.

First, choose a new provider

Your first port of call should be our useful broadband and TV package comparison tool. Here you will find the broadband packages available in your area. You can get there via the link or to see exactly what's available at your postcode, just enter it below (we don't store your data).

Check availability

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Switching broadband providers is easy, because most of them use the same infrastructure as Plusnet. The one main exception is Virgin Media. Luckily Virgin Media has good coverage across the UK too.

At the moment Virgin Media offers the highest speeds in most areas, with download speeds up to 350Mbps. Other providers tend to offer perfectly respectable, download speeds with a maximum average of 67Mbps. Virgin Media broadband is faster because it manages its own network. Almost all the other providers use the Openreach network to supply their services. As a consequence, their speeds are all pretty similar.

Check you're out of contract

It's a pain, but if you are still in contract with Plusnet, it will cost you to leave or switch. Plusnet contracts usually last 12 or 18 months. If you must leave Plusnet while still in-contract, you will be charged an early termination fee, which will vary according to how much time is left in your contract.

If you're moving home and Plusnet doesn't serve your new address, it will set you free without a termination fee. Now that's out of the way, if your contract has ended, then rejoice! You can leave by switching broadband provider or by giving Plusnet 14 days' notice of your intention to leave.

Annoyingly, there may be some fees even if you are out-of-contract. If your phone line is cut off or you cancel your broadband without switching to another provider there will be a disconnection fee. This fee is also charged if you move to a provider which is not on the Openreach network such as Virgin Media.

Compare broadband offers

Who to call and what to say

The easiest way to leave Plusnet is by switching broadband provider. Your new provider will cancel your Plusnet service and move you onto your chosen package. The one exception arises when switching to Virgin Media. If you switch to Virgin Media, you will need to cancel Plusnet yourself. Be sure to arrange a termination date with Plusnet that matches the activation date of your Virgin Media service.

Those cancelling Plusnet without switching to a new provider need to make a phone call or write a letter. And remember, if you are not switching to another provider, you may incur that aforementioned termination fee. To cancel by phone, ensure you have your account details to hand and call: 0808 169 2448.

If you are writing a cancellation letter, avoid ambiguous language and be clear about your intention to leave. You should include your full name, your account user name, your telephone number, and the full address where your Plusnet services are located.

There is a potential problem if you use YouView TV from Plusnet. YouView TV requires a Plusnet broadband connection, so you will lose it when you cancel your broadband.

As an alternative to writing a letter, Plusnet have a cancellation form which can be printed out and posted. Filling out the form provides Plusnet all the information it needs to process your cancellation.

Plusnet will want to keep you

Plusnet would prefer to keep your business. Its website is quite upfront about the possibility of special offers for those intending to leave. Maybe it's the price which is bothering you? Or you want an upgrade to fibre broadband? If so you could get a better deal by agreeing to stay.

If Plusnet can't make it worth your while to stay, be prepared to walk away. But if it offers a sweet deal, weigh it against what is on offer from its competitors.

Frequently asked questions

Does any of the equipment need returning?

You won't need to return your broadband router or YouView TV as long as your contract has ended. If you leave your contract early they will both need to be returned. If you contact Plusnet, it will send you postage-paid packaging for free.

Can I leave if Plusnet raises its prices?

Thanks to an Ofcom ruling, if Plusnet raises its prices, you're entitled to cancel with no penalty even if you're still in your contract. The catch? You must cancel within 30 days of being informed. So keep on top of mail and emails from Plusnet. This ruling applies to all broadband providers.

Can I leave if I have low download speeds?

The answer is, it depends. You have a contract with Plusnet, which means they should provide the speeds you were promised. If your speeds are lower than promised, Plusnet may be breaking its contract with you, so you can probably leave. However if you were warned about low speeds before signing up, then unfortunately you will be charged an early termination fee if you leave.

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