How to contact Plusnet: Phone numbers

Dan Howdle | July 4th, 2023

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Plusnet is a legend in the broadband industry when it comes to its customer service. BT has owned Plusnet since 2007, but it was only formally brought into the BT group of companies (as opposed to operating fully independently) in 2018. Prior to 2018, Plusnet had accumulated more customer service awards than most other providers combined and continues to win them to this day. Part of that is the ease with which customers can reach Plusnet when they have a problem to solve. And that's what we will look at in this short guide.

Plusnet's main customer service line is open 12 hours per day, seven days per week: 8am to 8pm, Monday to Sunday. Plusnet uses the same number whether you're an existing customer with an issue to address or a potential customer who needs help or information when choosing a package. Plusnet also has a rather excellent forum community you can visit to find other customers who share and have in most cases solved whatever issue you're having. And there are the usual social media channels too.

Plusnet contact options

Service Contact
Plusnet customer services (landline) 0800 432 0200
Plusnet Community Forum Plusnet Community
Twitter @plusnet

Plusnet customer service number

Some providers separate various aspects of their customer support across a series of different, albeit quite similar telephone numbers. Not so with Plusnet, which uses a single number for all-comers. Whether you have a problem with your Plusnet broadband, your bill, your router, or anything else, or if you're signing up with Plusnet and need help, the number's the same: 0800 432 0200.

Note that 0800 numbers are free from both landlines and mobiles.

To get a new Plusnet deal

Before you call Plusnet to sign up, have you compared the latest deals of other providers? Our comprehensive comparison tools can show you exactly what's available where you live, and you can compare all aspects including price, speeds, contract lengths and so on. If you're dead set on calling Plusnet for a new deal and you want to do that on the phone, it's the same number: 0800 432 0200.

Plusnet customer service via Live Chat

Plusnet doesn't actually have a live chat facility on its website, but that shouldn't be seen as a weakness in its offering. Most providers now have automated chatbots operating their live chat as opposed to real people, and dealing with them can be rather trying to say the least. Plusnet wants you to call them instead. And if you would rather seek out a quick solution to your issue, also offers a community forum where you can find your particular problem and read up on potential solutions.

Plusnet on social media

Plusnet has a similar social media presence to other providers – that is to say that you will find help on both its Twitter and Facebook pages. You can reach Plusnet on both Twitter and Facebook.

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How to complain to Plusnet

First of all, it's important to remember that in order to lodge a formal complaint, you'll have to exhaust the normal means by which you can get your issue dealt with. So, for example, if you're getting a fraction of the speed you should from Plusnet, you'll need to allow Plusnet the opportunity to fix the problem. You can do that by calling Plusnet on its normal customer service number (0800 432 0200).

You can also contact Plusnet in writing, but we would only advise doing this if Plusnet has consistently failed to adequately resolve your issue and there is no other way forward. Plusnet has promised to respond to any formal complaint no longer then 10 working days after receiving it.

How to escalate your complaint

If you do not get the outcome you hoped for from Plusnet, or if your complaint hasn’t been dealt with after eight weeks, you can take your complaint to the ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) scheme. This varies from provider to provider, but in the case of Vodafone Broadband it is Ofcom-approved CISAS (the Communications and Internet Services Adjudication Scheme).

You can call CISAS on 0207 520 3814 or send an email to detailing your situation with evidence. CISAS is impartial and will investigate your case. If Vodafone is found to have been at fault, it is obliged to comply with the findings of CISAS.

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