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Plusnet help, issues and complaints

By Tim Smith | Thursday, August 12th 2021

Plusnet is a subsidiary of BT, which bought it in 2007. Since then it has built a strong reputation for broadband and mobile provision. But what happens when something does go wrong?

Contacting customer services for help often means spending ages going through processes before you actually get that help. In this guide we'll arm you with ways to speed up that process, and when to address these problems yourself without help from Plusnet.

Plusnet payment and billing issues

There are quite a few reasons that you might miss a bill payment, all of them can be made a great deal less stressful if you follow this straightforward advice.

If you have missed a payment or are struggling to pay your bill

In the event that you know you're going to miss one payment or more you should contact Plusnet as soon as possible. Contacting Plusnet's customer services is as easy as calling 0800 432 0200. If you think you won't be able to pay your Plusnet mobile bill, or the amount is wrong, you can call 500 from your Plusnet mobile or 0800 079 1133. You can also get hold of Plusnet via your account pages online or, if it's a problem with your mobile, you can use the Plusnet app. If you don't do this then any services that you have with Plusnet can be restricted or even cut off completely until you get back into credit. You may also be liable for a late payment fee and a reconnection fee.

Once you've made contact you can try to negotiate an extension to your contract. You can also offer to pay smaller amounts on top of your regular Direct Debit payments over the phone using your credit or debit cards.

Check your Direct Debit

Plusnet's preferred payment method is for you to set up a Direct Debit with your bank or building society. If your DD doesn't go through check these details:

  • Enough funds? – The first thing to do is check that you've actually got enough money in your account on the day that the Direct Debit is due to go out
  • Changed your bank or building society? – The Direct Debit Guarantee should ensure that if you have changed your financial institution then all your DDs should go with you. It's a good idea to check with your new bank as soon as possible if a payment is missed though

What if you've been overcharged?

Checking your Plusnet bill or bills every month using your account pages on the website, or by reading the printed bill you can ask for is essential to make sure you've not been charged for an add-on you've not ordered for example. If so, contact Plusnet customer services by phone (0800 432 0200) or by using your account pages on the website.

Problems with Plusnet mobile

Plusnet uses the EE mobile phone network (both EE and Plusnet are owned by BT in fact). However, you will only be able to sort out any problems by contacting Plusnet itself. Before you do however, try some of these quick fixes for your mobile signal.

Have you paid your bill?

Use your Plusnet app or check your bank account to make sure that your latest payment has gone through. If not, you may be liable for late payment or even reconnection charges.

Are there any network problems?

Go to the Plusnet help pages on the website and search for the 'mobile coverage checker'. Once there, enter your postcode and you'll see if there are any reported issues.

Move about

Mobile phone signals can be blocked or interrupted by obstacles as thick as walls or doors, and as thin as tree leaves. So, if you're not getting a signal, try moving into a more open area.

Problems with Plusnet broadband

Any very big issues will usually be flagged up on the front page of the Plusnet website. If not, search for 'service status' and you'll find a page that will outline any major outages, and give estimates on when they might be fixed.

Is it your router?

Your Plusnet router is the core of your home broadband whether you've got ADSL, fast broadband or fibre optic broadband. Many problems with your home connection – including your WiFi and your television services – will be traceable to that router. Carrying out a few quick checks before you contact customer services is a good idea.

First of all, make sure you've not knocked your router and dislodged any cables. Turn your router off, unplug all the cables. Wait for two minutes. Plug everything back in and switch on. Connect to a website. If everything's working, you've fixed it. If not contact customer services and advise them that you have already checked your router.

Is it your WiFi?

If you're having speed or connection problems it may well be that your broadband is fine, but your WiFi is not. If you have an ethernet (network) cable, simply turn WiFi off on your computer, then plug your computer into your router using that cable. If you get a good solid signal then the problem is not with your broadband itself.

Move the router

Simple things like doors or even sofas can get in the way of your WiFi signal. Try moving your router to a more open position. You can also invest in what are called WiFi boosters (also known as 'range extenders') available at many online stores.

Unplug your phone

Sometimes a fault with your phone line can affect your home broadband. So, disconnect your phone from the wall socket or from the microfilter that's connected to your wall socket. Now, try to connect to the internet. If it's all good, then your phone line or your microfilter could be the problem.

Problems with your Plusnet landline

If you've taken a landline phone as part of your Plusnet contract then you should keep the following tips in mind in case you come across any problems.

  • Test your phone on its own – If your phone and broadband both use the same microfilter or a double wall socket, unplug your broadband cable and make a test phone call. If all's well then you can inform customer services that there's a problem with your broadband connection (maybe just the cable or the microfilter)
  • Check 'call divert' and 'block' – Make sure you haven't activated call divert or even call blocking and then forgotten to deactivate it
  • Check the batteries – If your handset requires batteries, make sure yours are fresh and full of power

Getting Help with Plusnet

Plusnet has an excellent array of help and FAQ pages on its website. These feature answers to most common questions in easy to read form. There are also videos to watch. For newer issues you can also try the community forums on the Plusnet website. These tend to be useful for more immediate or localised problems.

Customer service phone number

If you need to contact Plusnet customer service the number is 0800 432 0200.

Use social media to speed up response times

If you've gone through the usual channels: email, phone, online chat for example, and you're still not getting the help you need, why not try contacting Plusnet politely by social media. The company has Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Frequently asked questions

Problems with your bill?

If you're having problems paying your bill – or if you think you will have – you should contact Plusnet on 0800 432 0200 or by email or using your account page on the Plusnet website.

Does Plusnet own its networks

No, Plusnet was acquired by BT back in 2007. For broadband and landlines it uses BT's infrastructure. For mobile it uses EE, which is also owned by BT.

How do I upgrade to Plusnet fibre?

Upgrading to Plusnet's high-speed fibre broadband is simple but it depends on whether or not your local area has been set-up for BT Openreach's fibre optic. If not then you can usually get a Plusnet broadband deal that makes use of the existing, slower, infrastructure.

What happens if I move home?

If you're still in contract with Plusnet then make sure to advise the customer service department by email or phone (0800 432 0200) what your new address and when your expected moving day are. Once you've done that you'll start a process that should be seamless for you.

How do I find out if there is a fault in my area

To see broadband or landline are having network issues you need the separate network service status area. Google 'Plusnet service status' for the most up-to-date links. This will inform you of any reported problems nationwide. There is a separate network coverage checker for your Plusnet mobile.

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