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Hyperoptic 20Mb business broadband review

Hyperoptic offers a new type of broadband for your business. It installs fibre optic cables directly into properties for optimum internet speed and performance.

It sounds ideal for any business but getting a Hyperoptic service is not quite as straightforward as joining a mainstream provider. Read on to find out how to get it, what it’s going to cost and whether the actual speed will match what is on offer.

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This package is ideal for a small- to medium-size business that doesn’t rely too heavily on the internet. The upload speeds, lack of solid technical support and limited availability are all concerns, and the expensive installation method is likely to put some off, but this is still a solid package with plenty of room for growth.

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Speed & usage



Hyperoptic installs fibre optic cables directly to your building, as opposed to delivering cables to a street level hub and then reaching your premises via slower copper wires.

This means it can offer exceptionally high speeds (the top speed is 1Gbps). A speed of 20Mbps is not the fastest around but Hyperoptic generally delivers speeds very close to the promised level. Most commercial broadband providers offer speeds of "up to" 38Mbps or 76Mbps when in fact only one in 10 of their customers may get such speeds.

Hyperoptic's broadband tends to do what it says on the tin, so this 20Mbps package could deliver a higher consistent speed than a competitor offering "up to" 38Mbps.

However, there is a real problem with this particular package in the form of the relatively slow 1Mbps upload speed, which will compromise any attempts to upload larger files or use VoIP services like Skype or Vonage.

Advertised download speed 20Mbps
Average downloads (off-peak) n/a
Average downloads (peak) n/a
Advertised upload speed Up to 1Mbps
Monthly usage limit No
Traffic management Yes
Static IP No
Minimum contract 12 months
Router HyperHub
Public wi-fi No
Prices from £50 per month

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What you can do with it



‘Actual’ speeds for Hyperoptic are not available from Ofcom.

Technical support



Hyperoptic has two methods of contact if you need to speak to someone about your connection, or have a fault. When your building orders its services from the company you will be assigned a customer service agent, who will be a named point of contact easily accessible on the phone. This agent will also visit your premises every now and then to check how you’re getting on with the service, which is a great addition.

If you do have an issue and your agent isn’t available, you’ll be put through to Hyperoptic’s support team, which is open 24/7, and should be able to fix your problem. While these services are good, and having a named contact is a great advantage, there is little in the way of guarantees regarding fault completion deadlines, which would put our minds at rest a bit.




There is almost nothing of note that Hyperoptic offers in the way of extras. You do get the customer services connection and a router, which is probably enough, but options such as public Wi-Fi or the option to pay more to increase your upload speed simply don’t exist.

If you are looking for a package with a quick download speed, you should find Hyperoptic’s faster packages, which offer a range of speeds up to 1Gbps more than accommodating.

Equally, many business broadband providers tend to offer multiple IP addresses for their services, which would be important if you’re looking to start your own website. Hyperoptic only provides one with your initial package, but it does mention that if you need any more, you can contact its customer services.

Value for money



This is the cheapest package available from Hyperoptic, and costs £50 a month. In the grand scheme of things, this is not good value for a package that is slower than the majority of standard fibre optic connections. Unfortunately, the monthly cost is the least of your worries if your building is not connected to the Hyperoptic network.

To get a leased line installed in your building you’ll be charged from £2,000 to £3,000, which can be shared out between the companies in your premises, and from £350 per month. This is obviously a huge investment and is only feasible if you can sign up as many companies in your building as possible. Whether it’s worth paying a chunk of the installation fee for the leased line and then a chunk of the line rental after that for only 20Mbps is the real question. We would suggest that unless you are considering signing up to a pre-existing Hyperoptic connection, there are far easier and cheaper ways of getting a standard fibre connection for your business.

Equipment & installation



Installing Hyperoptic isn’t as simple as purchasing other broadband packages. You need to find out if it’s available in your building. You can go ahead if it is, but if not, you need to register interest and play the waiting game; Hyperoptic only install the service in offices where there is a lot of interest, so it’s worth rallying around neighbouring businesses to sign up too. It is also only available in four UK cities at the moment, so you’ll need to check whether it’s in your area before you go any further.

You will receive the HyperHub wireless router when you sign up for the service, which will distribute your signal throughout your premises. The router uses wireless n-technology with intelligent channel switching so it should give a solid, stable signal throughout. If you plan on upgrading your package at some point, you will struggle to reach the top-level speeds via Wi-Fi, so you’ll have to connect your device with one of the five available Ethernet ports.

Hyperoptic Router

Overall Rating


Hyperoptic’s approach to broadband is interesting, and if it’s available in your city and if you can get enough support within your building to have the infrastructure installed, you could get some of the fastest fibre optic on the market. Whether it’s worth going to all that hassle and expense just to get 20Mbps fibre is debatable, but if you do, this package should suffice for smaller businesses.

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