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Tesco Mobile reviews

Tesco Mobile offers pay monthly, SIM-only and pay-as-you-go contracts, and has all the latest handsets from top mobile manufacturers like Apple, Samsung and HTC.

Tesco Mobile customers receive access to the Tesco Mobile app, which lets you manage your account and cap your data so you don’t overspend. It’s not all good news however, as Tesco Mobile is not as cheap as other providers, and it doesn’t have any unlimited SIMs.

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Tesco Mobile pay-as-you-go



Tesco Mobile pay-as-you-go
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Tesco Mobile SIM-only

About Tesco Mobile

Established in 2003, Tesco Mobile is a virtual mobile phone operator, run by the popular supermarket chain, and uses O2’s network as its carrier. Tesco has a range of SIMs and handsets on different contracts, all of which can be capped and monitored so you don’t overspend. You can even earn Clubcard points on your bill.

Plans and payment options

Tesco Mobile has three types of contract available. SIM-only contracts include a set amount of texts, minutes and data on a free SIM card, which will work with your current handset. A pay-as-you-go contract means you only pay for the texts, minutes and data you use, and a pay monthly contract splits the cost of a new handset and a set tariff over the course of a 24-month period.

The latest handsets

Tesco has all the latest handsets from the likes of Apple, Samsung and HTC, all of which are available on pay-as-you-go and pay monthly contracts. If you purchase a phone on a pay-as-you-go contract, you’ll have to buy the phone outright, but pay monthly contracts let you spread the cost of the handset over a two-year period, usually with no upfront cost.


Tesco Mobile has a similar level of coverage to O2 as it uses the same network. Tesco Mobile’s coverage checker will tell you what 3G and 4G coverage you can expect in your area.


Tesco Mobile is powered by O2’s mobile network, but that might not give an accurate representation of how fast it is. In the most recent Ofcom report, O2’s average 3G speed was clocked at 5Mbps, which is fast enough to browse the internet, check your emails and catch up with friends on social media.

Its 4G speed comes in at 18Mbps, which means web pages will load sooner, videos will stream more smoothly and apps will download more quickly. Just be aware that the speed you receive from Tesco Mobile might not match these speeds.


While it does not have the extras of one of the major mobile operators like EE, O2 or Vodafone, Tesco Mobile does offer some perks that can help you manage your account and save you some money.

Tesco Mobile allows tethering

Tethering is using your phone as a mobile wi-fi hotspot, allowing other mobile devices, such as phones, tablets or laptops, to connect to the internet using your data. Not all providers allow tethering, but Tesco Mobile does, as long as your phone supports it.

Access to the Tesco Mobile app

Tesco Mobile customers can get free access to the Tesco Mobile app. This lets you check how far into your allowance you are, gives you access to your bill and lets you manage your account. You can also set caps on your data, texts and minutes so you don’t overspend.

Collect Clubcard points

You can earn points on your Clubcard on both your bill and your handset if you buy it from Tesco. Tesco Clubcard points can be exchanged for vouchers that can be used in store to reduce your shopping bill. You need to register your Clubcard to your Tesco Mobile account before you start earning points against your bill.

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