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How to cancel John Lewis broadband

By Claire Nottage | Monday, August 16th 2021

As of 4 October 2022, John Lewis Broadband has ceased offering broadband deals to new customers. For the time being it continues to serve its existing customers without interruption. Cancelling your broadband need not be a stressful affair, whatever your reason for doing so. Whether you feel you’re paying too much or you want a completely different package, there is plenty of choice when it comes to broadband providers, so you should have no problem finding a new deal to suit your requirements.

John Lewis broadband runs on the Openreach network, which means cancelling and switching to a new broadband provider is easy. In this guide we look at what you need to do before you switch, what fees you might have to pay, and how to go about letting John Lewis broadband know you are off to pastures new.

Checklist: Things to do before you cancel John Lewis broadband

Before you make the decision to cancel your John Lewis broadband service, there are a few bits of information you should get together first.

  • Check your contract – John Lewis broadband contracts run for 12 months and after that minimum period then will just roll on until you choose to cancel. To find out where you are in your contract, you can refer back to your original documentation that will have been sent to you in an email. Alternatively you can call John Lewis broadband customer services directly
  • Note down John Lewis broadband’s contact details – If you want to find out any information about your contract or if you want to cancel completely you will need to call the customer helpline on 0800 022 3300. You can also get in touch via your online John Lewis broadband account
  • Find a new provider – Before you start the cancellation ball rolling, it is important to know what other deals are available with other providers. This will give you an idea of how much you should be expecting to pay each month and whether you can get a better deal than what you currently have

Compare broadband deals

Cancelling John Lewis broadband if you’re still in contract

If you signed up to John Lewis broadband less than 12 months ago and you choose to cancel, you will have to pay early termination fees. Unfortunately this is written into your contract, which you are required to agree to when you first sign up for a new deal. In general, we would advise that you complete your initial contract term before cancelling your service or moving to another provider in order to avoid having to pay early termination fees.

The repayment fees are calculated according to how many months you have left to run on your initial 12-month term – the longer you have left, the more you will pay. In order to find out exactly how much you will have to pay, you will need to review the detailed price guide in your contract terms and conditions or get in touch with John Lewis broadband customer services.

When you can cancel John Lewis broadband for free

If you are still mid-contract, there are a handful of scenarios in which you are permitted to end your contract early without paying early termination fees.

  • Within the initial cooling-off period – All providers are legally bound to offer new customers a cooling-off period of 14 days from the date you sign up. If you decide within these first two weeks that you don’t want to keep the service then you can cancel without being charged fees. You will, however, be expected to pay for charges such as connection and installation, even if these were included for free as a special offer
  • If John Lewis broadband increases prices mid-contract – If John Lewis broadband puts up its prices mid-contract you are entitled to cancel without penalty within 30 days of being informed of the price rise
  • If your speed is slower than expected – When you sign up to broadband service you will be given an average download speed to expect. This refers to the speed you should receive on a wired connection with your router, not over a wireless connection. If the speed is regularly much slower than this, then you may have grounds to cancel your contract early
  • If the connection is unreliable – If your broadband connection regular drops out and you are left without a service on a regular basis and John Lewis broadband are unable to fix the problem within a reasonable time frame, then you can cancel without penalty

Cancelling John Lewis broadband if you’re out of contract

Once you have passed the initial 12-month term of your contract, you are free to switch to another provider or just cancel your service completely without being penalised. As many providers tend to increase their monthly charges after the initial contract period, this is a good time to start researching other deals on the market as you are more than likely to be able to save money each month by switching.

Whether you are looking for faster speeds, a cheaper deal or perhaps a TV and broadband bundle, there are hundreds of broadband packages on offer; you just need to filter them down to find one you want and the best way to do this is to use our broadband comparison tool.

If you have already decided you definitely want to cancel and switch providers then there is no need for you to get in touch with John Lewis broadband at all. You can simply sign up to your new broadband provider and it will arrange the cancellation with John Lewis broadband. This applies to all providers apart from Virgin Media, which operates over a separate network. If you want to move to Virgin Media you will have to call John Lewis broadband to let it know you are switching.

Cancelling John Lewis broadband if you’re moving home

If you are moving home and want to have a fresh start with a new broadband provider at your new address, then you are free to do so if you are out of contract. You will need to allow 14 days for your new service to be activated and your John Lewis broadband service to be cancelled, so make sure you do your research for a new provider in plenty of time. There may be additional charges for moving house subject to John Lewis Broadband’s terms and conditions if you do not choose to renew your contract with them.

If you are still mid-contract with John Lewis broadband, then you might want to consider holding fire on cancelling until your 12-month contract has ended otherwise you will be liable for early cancellation fees. Plus, as John Lewis broadband runs on the Openreach network, there is every chance that you will be able to keep your current package at your new address. If this is not the case, then unfortunately you may still be liable for early termination fees.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to return my John Lewis broadband router?

Yes, the router is the property of John Lewis broadband and is loaned to you for the duration of your contract. If you cancel your broadband before your initial contract is up, you are responsible for the return postage costs.

Can I keep my John Lewis broadband landline number if I cancel?

Yes, if you are moving to another provider that runs on the Openreach network you can take your phone number with you as long as you are moving within the same area. If you are moving to a different area you will be assigned a new number.

What is John Lewis broadband’s cancellation number?

You can call John Lewis broadband customer services for free on 0800 022 3300.

How much notice do I need to give to cancel my broadband?

If you are leaving to switch to another provider, you need to give 14 days’ notice. Your new provider will be able to do this unless you are moving to Virgin Media, in which case you will have to notify John Lewis broadband yourself. If you intend to cease your service without switching, you should give 10 days’ notice.

How can I find out how much my termination fees will be?

To find out how much your cancellation fees will be, it is best to get in touch directly with John Lewis broadband. Fees range from £9 to £18 per month, depending on whether you have an Unlimited, Fibre, or Fibre Extra service.

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