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SSE broadband routers

By Aaron Howdle | Monday, January 11th 2021

SSE Broadband was sold to TalkTalk in 2022 and all existing broadband customers are being moved to Origin Broadband, which is owned by TalkTalk. SSE is one of a number of energy companies which also offers broadband. SSE’s broadband range is a simple, bare-bones affair, with two fibre broadband packages offering either 35Mbps or 63Mbps download speeds.

WIth a range of broadband packages consisting of just two products, there isn’t going to be much of a choice in terms of the router supplied by SSE. However, the router is an important link in your broadband chain. There is little point in having superfast broadband piped into your home if it hits a bottleneck in your router, or a poor WiFi system that can’t reach your bedroom. So, which router does SSE supply and what is it like?

How to get an SSE broadband router

SSE broadband provides its customers with a Technicolor DWA0120 router. You can get one by signing up to one of SSE’s broadband packages. Alternatively this model of router is available on the open market.

Once you have signed up with SEE broadband, your new router should arrive within a couple of weeks. If you are also having a new phone line connected it can take a little longer to get set-up as you will need an engineer to visit.

SSE broadband router features

Both of SSE’s broadband packages come with a Technicolor DWA0120 router. Let’s take a look at how its features stack up.

Technicolor DWA0120

  • Next generation WiFi – Connect your WiFi devices using older WiFi standards or with the newer 802.11ac WiFi standard
  • Smart channel selection – The Technicolor DWA0120 automatically connects your devices to the fastest WiFi channel and frequency available
  • Dual band – Like many modern routers, the Technicolor DWA0120 uses both the 2.4Ghz and faster 5Ghz bands
  • Two USB ports – This useful feature is often missing from routers supplied by broadband providers. You can plug a hard drive and a printer into the USB ports, making them available to all the computers in your home
  • Four gigabit ethernet ports and one WAN port – Four gigabit ethernet ports for fast, wired network connections to your computers, plus a WAN port if you need one

If there are any unfamiliar terms you'd like a more in-depth explanation of, check out our jargon-busting guide.

Setting up an SSE broadband router

If you already have a telephone line installed and your internet connection has been activated, then setting up your router is easy and can be accomplished in minutes.

The first thing you need to do is unplug your old router (if you have one). Next you will need to unplug the microfilter if you have one hanging out of your telephone socket. You should have been sent a new microfilter with your new router, so locate it and plug it into the phone socket on your wall. Now, take the grey cable and plug it into the microfilter, then plug the other end into the router.

The router needs some power, so switch off the mains plug socket, then plug the power supply into your Technicolor DWA0120. Plug the router’s power supply into the mains wall socket. You are now ready to switch the mains power on at the plug socket, then press the power button on the router. Once it has started-up, you can move onto the next stage.

You can now log-in to your new WiFi network. Your WiFi log-in details are on the underside of the router.

Once your router is up and running, we'd suggest you start making it as secure as possible. Our guide to securing your WiFi router can help.

Legacy SSE broadband routers

SSE broadband has supplied a couple of other routers before the Technicolor DWA0120. Some of these will still be in use, so let’s have a look at some of their features.

  • Technicolor TG589vac v2 – This router had a similar specification to its predecessor, but a smaller form factor (able to fit through a letterbox). It has dual 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands, 802.11ac WiFi, four ethernet ports and two USB ports
  • Technicolor TG589vac – This is a very similar router to it’s replacement Technicolor DWA0120 model, but is slightly larger in size. It has dual 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands, 802.11ac WiFi, four ethernet ports and two USB ports

Frequently asked questions

Will I be able to keep my SSE broadband router if I leave SSE broadband?

If you leave SSE broadband you will need to return your router or face possible charges for the equipment.

Can I get SSE broadband without a phone line?

SSE broadband requires a phone line in order to work. So you will need to have one. You don’t need to use the line for calls if you prefer not to. Line rental is included in your broadband package.

What is the latest SSE broadband router?

SSE broadband provides its latest Technicolor DWA0120 router with both of its broadband packages.

Will I need a new router if I upgrade to fibre broadband from ADSL?

If you are upgrading from an old ADSL connection from a different provider you will need a new router. SSE will send you its latest router inthe post.

Are SSE broadband packages available bundled with energy deals?

SSE offers a range of bundles which include combinations of energy, broadband, phone and other services.

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