Can I get Vodafone broadband in my area?

Jitna Baghani | November 4th, 2022

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Vodafone is arguably best known for its mobile phone services, but with quick, reliable fibre optic broadband on the Openreach network, and premium add-ons like Apple TV with Vodafone Xtra, it’s worth considering Vodafone for broadband services as well.

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Coverage and availability

Like most other major UK broadband providers, Vodafone runs on the Openreach network of fibre optic and copper cables. It boasts broadband coverage of over 96% of the UK population, but there are still a few areas where it’s not available. You can use the broadband checker to find out if you can get Vodafone broadband in your home, and exactly which packages you can choose from.

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If it’s ultrafast speeds you’re after, but full fibre is not available with Vodafone in your area yet, it’s unlikely to be available from other Openreach service providers either, since they use the same infrastructure. While full fibre continues to roll out across the country, you can check with other providers like Virgin Media or Community Fibre (in London) to see if they offer ultrafast broadband in your area.

If you really want to sign up for full fibre with Vodafone, you can register your interest on their website, share a few contact details, and Vodafone will be in touch when it becomes available to you.

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How does Vodafone broadband work?

Old broadband connections used the same national network of copper cables that provide landline telephone services, but speeds were fairly slow. Next came the use of fibre optic cable (in combination with copper cables), which increased average UK download to a range between 35Mbps to 65Mbps.

This combination of fibre and copper, known as fibre to the cabinet (or FTTC) is quicker than copper alone, but because fibre optic cables only reach communal street cabinets, it is the copper cables that are then used to connect the cabinet to each household and copper tends to slow the connection speed down.

FTTC broadband is still widely available, but increasingly insufficient for some households’ usage requirement, although smaller households, or people who aren’t heavy internet users will find it can comfortably meet their needs. Vodafone offers FTTC connections on its two entry-level packages, Fibre 1 and Fibre 2, which offer broadband speeds of up to 38Mbps and 67Mbps, respectively.

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Full fibre optic cable infrastructure is currently being rolled out across the UK by Openreach to replace the outdated copper cables. This means superfast fibre optic speeds of up to 900Mbps can directly reach individual properties. Full fibre is also known as fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) and will eliminate the usage of slow copper cable connections from cabinets to households and businesses.

Full Fibre isn’t available everywhere in the UK just yet, so you may find that the ultrafast speeds advertised by broadband providers are accessible in your area for now. The government aims to roll out full fibre to 85% of UK premises by 2025, and to 100% coverage by 2030, however, so you will eventually be able to get it in your home.

Vodafone only offers fibre optic broadband, so older tech like ADSL, which runs exclusively on copper cables, isn’t available. Its slowest, entry-level deal – Fibre 1 – is FTTC (fibre optic plus copper cables) and offers average download speeds of 38Mbps. No matter which packages are available to you, actual download and upload speeds will depend on what’s available where you live, along with many other factors. Until then, you can use our broadband checker to find out exactly what’s available using your postcode.

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Installing Vodafone broadband

Depending on your current setup and which broadband service you choose, you may be able to self-install, or you may need an engineer visit to get your connection up and running.

Vodafone Intelligent Hub

If you sign up for Vodafone broadband, you’ll be sent an Intelligent WiFi Hub in the post, which you can easily install yourself if your home is already set up for a full fibre broadband connection. Vodafone’s Pro Broadband packages work in the same way, but you’ll also receive Wi-Fi boosters to place around your home and boost your signal. If your home isn’t preconfigured for your chosen connection, you’ll need to arrange an engineer visit to get connected. If your plan includes Digital Voice, you’ll receive a handset in the post as well.

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Vodafone broadband speeds

Compare Vodafone's best broadband deals available, from Fibre 1, 2, to Full Fibre deals, to Pro I and Pro II comprehensive internet packages on offer.

Vodafone Fibre 1

Vodafone Fibre 1 is Vodafone's entry-level fibre broadband package, which offers average download speeds up to 38Mbps, and upload speeds of up to 10Mbps, available in areas where FTTC is the only option available.

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Vodafone Fibre 2

Vodafone Fibre 2 is the other package available to customers where only FTTC connectivity is available. Fibre 2 offers a higher range of speeds, with average download speeds of up to 67Mbps, and uploads of up to 20Mbps.

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Vodafone Full Fibre

Vodafone’s fastest full fibre broadband plans offer a wide range of speeds starting from 102Mbps all the way up to superfast 910Mbps. Packages available are Full Fibre 100, Full Fibre 500, and Full Fibre 900 (referred by Vodafone as ‘Gigafast’ speeds), with average download speeds of up to 102Mbps, 500Mbps and 910Mbps respectively.

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Vodafone Pro Broadband

Vodafone Pro Broadband is a service that includes your standard broadband connection (FTTC or FTTP depending on availability), with the added benefits of automatic 4G broadband back-up service, super WiFi booster hubs to provide reliable WiFi in every room of your home, access to dedicated WiFi Xperts available 24/7, and a year of free Norton 360 Premium security software. Both Pro I and Pro II packages offer all these benefits, but Pro II includes an advanced router called the Ultra Hub, plus Vodafone’s WiFi 6E Booster which allows you to connect up to 150 devices to your WiFi and 4G backup (should you have that many). Pro I and II are available for all broadband packages.

Equipment charges

There are no equipment rental charges for Vodafone’s hardware, but you will be expected to return any hubs or other devices at the end of your contract term or if you upgrade. This is important to remember so you can avoid any unwanted charges.

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