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Vodafone Gigafast Pro 900 broadband review

Vodafone Gigafast Pro 900 is Vodafone’s fastest, highest-tier broadband package. Well priced and with some fantastic benefits included, this package makes Vodafone one of the strongest competitors in the gigabit-class broadband service market.

Vodafone broadband

However, depending on where you live, you might not be getting quite the same package. In this guide, we’ll go through the two types of Vodafone Gigafast, the excellent benefits Vodafone is bundling with this package and who this package is mainly for.

Key features

Here’s a quick rundown of Vodafone’s Broadband Gigafast Pro 900 package:

Price £31 per month
Download speed 910Mbps
Upload speed 910Mbps (CityFibre), 110Mbps (Openreach)
Broadband Fibre to the premises (FTTP)
Home Phone Line rental included
Parental controls Vodafone Secure Net, Norton Premium 360
Router Vodafone WiFi Hub
Packages available Broadband & phone, Broadband & phone & TV, Broadband & phone & mobile
Contract length 24 months

Who is it for?

Gigafast Pro 900 is Vodafone’s top-tier no-compromise full-fibre broadband package. With Gigafast, everything from mere videoconferencing to streaming the highest quality series in 4K HDR, from gaming to live Internet broadcasting, is at hand.

Here is a brief rundown of who Vodafone Broadband Gigafast Pro 900 is meant for:

  • Households with lots of devices – Today, everything in your house connects to the Internet: iPad, Kindle, smart lightbulb, wifi-enabled fridge, CCTV etc. And the number of these devices will only increase. Gigafast ensures none of your devices will face bandwidth bottlenecks ever again, and it future-proofs your property
  • Gamers – With Gigafast, you can play the most demanding online games with no discernible latency while downloading the latest 150GB+ Ubisoft epic saga in less than 25 minutes
  • Multiple streaming devices – Take advantage of Vodafone’s Apple TV offer and stream those epic sci-fi shows on Apple TV+ in stunning Ultra-HD Dolby HDR with Atmos surround sound! (up to 50Mbps required per stream)
  • Cloud storage – Keep your valuable photos and essential documents on iCloud or OneDrive. Vodafone Gigafast Pro 900 ensures that you can get your files quickly up to and down from the cloud whenever you need them. Finally, no more ugly external storage drives dangling off the side of your MacBook!
  • Content creators – Whether you need to quickly upload videos to YouTube, share artwork with your audience on Patreon or live broadcast on Twitch, Vodafone Gigafast will ensure you can focus on your work rather than worrying about a sluggish network connection
  • Those who simply want ultimate performance – Vodafone’s no-compromise no-half-measures full-fibre package delivers the ultimate performance, making it ideal for those who want the best speed available, future-proof their home and have the latest and fastest technology

How does Vodafone Gigafast Pro 900 compare?

Vodafone’s Gigafast Pro 900 directly competes with Virgin Media’s Gig1 and Openreach (Sky’s Gigafast and BT’s Full Fibre 900). Though Virgin Media wins in terms of download speed and household coverage, Vodafone beats the competition in pricing, upload speed and free benefits (see the following section).

While Virgin Media has its own network, Vodafone relies on Openreach (same as Sky and BT) but also on CityFibre’s state of the art network. As a result, the Gigafast service you will get will be different based on location. This will be primarily evident in contrasting upload speeds: Openreach tops at an average of 110Mbps, while CityFibre’s symmetrical fibre technology matches the download speed at 910Mbps.

Let’s have a short glance at how Vodafone Broadband Gigafast Pro 900 compares to the other Vodafone fibre packages:

Broadband Package Download Speed Upload Speed
Fibre 1 Fibre 38Mbps 10Mbps
Fibre 2 Fibre 67Mbps 20Mbps
Fibre 100 100Mbps 100Mbps
Full Fibre 200 Broadband 200Mbps 200Mbps
Full Fibre 500 Broadband 500Mbps 500Mbps
Full Fibre 900 Broadband 910Mbps 910Mbps
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What's included?

Gigafast comes with the Vodafone WiFi Hub, one of the best ISP-bundled routers out there. The Hub has seven wifi antennae that manage to cover a somewhat larger house while providing a low latency wireless connection.

The Vodafone WiFi Hub also incorporates the free of charge Secure Net functionality, a collection of anti-malware and anti-phishing (scam) tools that will keep you safe while browsing the internet. As for kids, Secure Net also provides adjustable parental control website filters.

The Hub’s functionalities can be managed either via the default settings page accessible over a web browser or through the Vodafone Broadband App for Android/iOS.

Vodafone WiFi Hub Router Specifications

  • Current gen WiFi – The Hub uses the modern WiFi 5 standard, but does not support the newest WiFi 6 set of technologies
  • Mobile Broadband Backup – 4G mobile signal can be used as a backup for those rare moments when the fibre broadband goes down
  • Dual-band – Those that need the fastest wireless speed can connect to the router’s 5GHz band, while those that prefer range and stability can pick the 2.4GHz range
  • Smart channel selection – Like all modern routers, the Hub will pick the least congested channel when broadcasting the wifi signal; this improves the reliability of wireless communication and decreases latency
  • Seven antennae – More antennae translates to a better wifi range and stronger signal; with no less than seven antennae, the Vodafone WiFi Hub will not disappoint
  • Reduced latency when Gaming – The router allows simultaneous data streams, which means lower latency when gaming
  • Super WiFi (Mesh) – If you get the Pro or Pro Xtra packages, you can mesh the Hub with up to three next-gen WiFi 6 boosters, therefore greatly improving wireless coverage and signal strength
  • Gigabit Ethernet ports – The four ethernet ports can service four directly connected devices
  • Managed via app – To manage the router in a user-friendly manner, the Vodafone Broadband App can be installed on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet


All Vodafone fibre packages, except for Gigafast, have three tiers: standard, Pro and Pro Xtra. Gigafast drops the first tier and jumps right into the Pro tier, bringing some genuinely fantastic benefits included in the base price of the package.

First, you get Vodafone’s WiFi Guarantee which promises wifi coverage in every room or your money back. Vodafone will send you a free Super WiFi Plus - a WiFi 6 extender with Amazon’s Alexa built-in. If your coverage is still not adequate, Vodafone can set you up with two additional repeaters for free.

Second, you get the 4G mobile Broadband Backup. This pocket-sized USB device attaches to your Hub and enables it to use Vodafone’s 4G mobile broadband if the fibre service ever has a fault or is being serviced. The process is entirely automatic, and the Hub will seamlessly switch to 4G. This ensures a very high degree of connection reliability.

Whilst broadband redundancy is not a feature unique to Vodafone, Vodafone achieves it the most gracefully. By contrast, Virgin offers an O2 SIM while Sky offers some additional mobile data, but those rely on the customer going through the trouble of creating slow, inefficient hot-spots on their smartphones. Not only is Vodafone’s process seamless, but it starts with an impressive 50GB data cap which can be extended for free indefinitely.

As a result of Vodafone’s collaboration with Norton, you’ll get 12 months of free Norton 360 Premium anti-malware defence and its firewall and parental control package. This service is usable on up to ten devices, and it will be available to be renewed at half of the retail price after the first year.

Finally, you get a direct line to Vodafone’s WiFi Xperts - a dedicated IT support helpline team that will help you with any broadband or wifi issues and help with using the 4G Broadband Backup service. WiFi Xperts will also be monitoring your fibre line remotely by running routine diagnostics; you’ll get a ring from one of their agents if they suspect an issue with your connection.

If you want even more Vodafone benefits, you can upgrade to their top-tier Pro Xtra package for a small monthly charge. You get an Apple TV 4K media player that will breathe new life into your TV. You also get a three-month trial of Apple TV+ and unlimited UK landline and mobile calls. Furthermore, while package prices typically increase each April in line with inflation, the Xtra package is protected from mid-contract price surges.

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What we think

Not only is the Vodafone Gigafast Pro 900 among the fastest and cheapest gigabit broadband services, but it also comes with a fantastic set of free extra benefits, a superior router, a dedicated IT help desk and, for a small monthly charge, an awesome Apple TV 4K. For gamers and content creators or those who simply want the latest and fastest tech, Vodafone’s Gigafast is the ideal choice.

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