Vodafone broadband review 2021: Is it any good?

Dan Howdle | October 4th, 2021

Vodafone broadband is cheap. It offers a great service that's good enough for all, but at a price that is in many cases cheaper than rivals.

Vodafone broadband review

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Our review of Vodafone broadband

Once exclusively a mobile phone provider, Vodafone has now established a firm foothold on the home broadband market, offering some of the cheapest fibre broadband deals available in the UK, accompanied by one of the very best routers.

Here’s everything you need to know about Vodafone broadband – what’s on offer, whether the provider is right for you, and what to expect in terms of equipment, installation, customer service and more.

Reasons to buy

  • No upfront costs
  • Great value for money
  • Fast enough for most homes

    Reasons to avoid

  • Not as fast as Virgin Media
  • Among lowest-rated for reliability
  • No TV bundles

While most UK broadband providers are either good or cheap, Vodafone broadband pulls off the surprising feat of being both. The brand offers high quality broadband provision at affordable rates, making it a popular choice, particularly for cheap fibre broadband deals.

The brand offers speeds that are fast enough to suit most households, and there are no upfront costs when having your new connection installed.

As with any broadband provider, there are some downsides. The brand doesn’t offer any TV bundles, so you can’t combine your broadband and TV as you can with the likes of Sky, NOW Broadband and BT. The only exception to this is for customers who sign up for Vodafone Broadband Pro, which comes with a year’s free subscription to Apple TV.

Vodafone offers customers an array of ways to get in touch, from phoning and Live Chat to via Twitter or Facebook.

Most popular packages

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Here’s a quick look at what you can expect to find in a Vodafone broadband deal.

Download speeds 35Mbps-63Mbps
Upload speeds 10Mbps-20Mbps
Broadband Fibre, full fibre
Home Phone Yes
Freebies to look for Free upgrades
Packages available Broadband, Broadband and phone, Broadband and TV
Router available WiFi Hub
Contract lengths 24 months
Prices from £23 per month

Broadband speeds

With more of us needing faster internet speeds than ever before, Vodafone no longer offers standard ADSL broadband deals like most other providers. Instead, the ISP focuses on fibre optic, with two different packages widely available.

Vodafone Superfast 1

With this package, you’ll get an average speed of 35Mbps download (10Mbps upload). This is comparable with basic fibre deals from most other UK providers on the Openreach network (that’s everyone except Virgin Media).

This option is suitable for a household of three to four people who use the internet on a daily basis – whether for online shopping, web browsing or social media. This speed should also be suitable for households where online gaming and streaming HDTV happens regularly, but if you stream in 4K or download video games and large files often, you may need to upgrade to their faster package.

Vodafone Superfast 2

The provider’s higher speed service averages 63Mbps for downloads, with a 20Mbps upload speed, putting it in line with most other UK providers at time of writing. It’s best suited to larger and busier households who do everything online on their own devices – meaning several people may be vying for a connection at the same time.

63Mbps is perfectly respectable and adequate for most households, even if you enjoy watching 4K TV and gaming on a daily basis.

Vodafone ultrafast speeds

Along with many other providers. Vodafone now also offers ultrafast internet connections to select properties across the country within ultrafast-enabled areas. Customers can choose from 100Mbps, 200Mbps, 500Mbps or 900Mbps. You can visit Vodafone’s postcode checker to find out if ultrafast services have arrived in your area yet.

Upload speeds

Download speeds describe how fast you can copy information from the internet to your device - things like video games, music and movies. Upload speeds, on the other hand, describe how fast you can copy information from your device to the internet, cloud storage or other devices.

Most of us do a lot more downloading than uploading, meaning we’re more concerned with the download speeds advertised by broadband providers than the upload speeds.

Superfast 1, has an average upload speed of 10Mbps compared to the 20Mbps upload speed of their Superfast 2 deal. If you copy a lot of information from your device to the internet or other devices, it’s probably worth making the upgrade and investing in Superfast 2.

Most popular packages

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Vodafone offers combined broadband and landline phone deals, where you can bundle together the two services in one. As you’d expect with a mobile provider, the brand also offers combined broadband and mobile phone contracts. You can even save some cash and make life super-easy by getting the three services together.

If you want to add a TV package to your broadband deal, Vodafone offers an Apple TV with some of their deals. With an Apple TV, you can watch Freeview channels, stream movies, TV shows and much more from the likes of Amazon Prime, Netflix, BBC iPlayer and, of course, Apple.

Vodafone WiFi Hub

Router and installation

When you sign up for a Vodafone broadband deal, you’ll receive the Vodafone WiFi Hub. This hi-spec router has seven antennae to provide a powerful, far reaching wifi signal, along with 4 gigabit ethernet ports for fast wired connections.

Vodafone’s latest router is twice as fast as its predecessor, able to support up to 50 devices. Customers with the Vodafone Pro plan will receive a Super Wifi booster that acts as an extender to ensure you receive a good wifi signal throughout your property. In addition, Pro customers will get 4G Broadband Back-Up that automatically switches your connection to the Vodafone mobile network if your cabled connection goes down for any reason.

The router also offers something called ‘Device Boost’ that allows you to ask it to make an extra-special effort to contact a device. This would be useful if your bedroom, for example, was at the other end of your house from your router and your wifi signal didn’t quite reach. If you wanted to watch your tablet in bed, you could use Device Boost to achieve this, focusing your wifi signal on the device.

All in all, Vodafone’s router is an impressive piece of kit. For more details, see our Vodafone broadband router guide


Installation typically takes around two weeks from order to connection.

There are two ways it works, depending on whether you already have a home phone line. If you do, you’ll be sent a Vodafone router in the post with instructions on how and when to self-install it. If you require a new landline connection, however, an engineer will need to visit your property to install one – which usually takes a couple of hours.

Customer service

The provider came in fourth place in our last customer survey – a respectable result out of 20 popular providers. If you need to contact the Vodafone customer service team, you can call 191 for free using a Vodafone mobile or 0333 304 0191 from any other mobile or landline number (charges will apply).

Our verdict: Very good

Overall, Vodafone offers affordable deals with perfectly adequate speeds, and is also now slowly rolling out ultrafast speeds comparable to those of Virgin Media, although they are not yet widely available. With the exception of Apple TV for those prepared to pay extra, the brand doesn’t offer a comprehensive TV service as standard, which may disappoint those customers that like the simplicity of getting their internet, home phone and TV deal from one provider.

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