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First Utility broadband review 2018

Claire Nottage
Thursday, November 16th 2017

No longer just an energy provider, First Utility has now joined the ever-expanding broadband market and offers cheap standard and fibre broadband packages.

Discounts are on offer for existing First Utility energy customers, but all customers will benefit from free connection, a free router and inclusive line rental.

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Pros and cons

  • No upfront charges
  • Easy to order
  • No end-of-contract price rises
  • 18-month contracts
  • No inclusive calls

What we like

No upfront charges

With some providers charging up to £60 in upfront charges, it is refreshing that First Utility do things differently. Connection is free and even your router will be delivered free of charge. If you need a new phone line for any reason, you will be charged £60 but that is because, like the majority of other broadband providers, First Utility uses the BT Openreach network and the cost is passed on by BT.

Easy online order process

For most people, switching broadband provider can be a real hassle and time consuming process. Not the case with First Utility. The online order process is by far the easiest we've come across compared to other broadband providers - you'll be signed up in minutes!

No end-of-contract price rises

This is the biggie. While the vast majority of providers hike up the monthly price once customers reach the end of their fixed term contracts, First Utility promises not to do this. As a result, you can just let your broadband keep rolling on as long as you want to, safe in the knowledge that you won't be paying any extra.

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  • First Utility First Broadband

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    • Free wireless router
    £18 .99
    Zero set-up cost includes line rental See Deal

What we don’t like

18-month contracts

With so many providers now offering 12-month – and even one-month – contracts, 18 months does seem a bit on the long side. However, 18 months is not unheard of – Plusnet and TalkTalk also offer 18-month contracts. It just means that, if for any reason you want to change broadband provider, you will have a longer wait before you can switch.

As is the norm, you do get a 14-day cooling-off period during which you can change your mind and cancel, but after that you are committed to pay for the full contract length - the only way out is to pay off the full cost in one go.

No inclusive calls

Although this seems to be the way broadband services are going - i.e. with no inclusive call options – we think it's a bit mean not to include even weekend calls. To add evening and weekend calls to your packaage you will be charged £3 per month, or for anytime calls it will cost you £7. If you do sign up for a calls package, just remember to hang up and re-dial before you reach 60 minutes or you will be charged.

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First Utility offers three very well-priced broadband packages, so if you are looking for straightforward, uncomplicated broadband on a budget, it is an excellent choice. Apart from Disney Life, there is nothing in the way of extras or freebies, so don't expect anything other than the basics.

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