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Is Plusnet broadband any good?

Luke Thompson
Wednesday, August 5th 2015

Plusnet plays on its Yorkshire roots as a friendly internet provider. It offers fibre and standard broadband, with good customer service and free installation.

However, the pricing structure means people in rural areas will likely pay more than those in urban locations – not a great move for a company that prides itself on its rural Yorkshire persona...

Our review of Plusnet broadband

Plusnet review Luke Thompson
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Is Plusnet broadband any good?

Plusnet's home broadband packages are unlimited, activation won’t cost you a penny (unless you choose broadband-only), and its customer service helpline is open seven days a week.

On the downside, Plusnet's broadband-only packages require line rental, there’s a strict traffic management system, and the price you pay will often be higher in rural areas of the UK.


  • Home broadband plans are unlimited
  • Fastest UK upload speeds
  • Free activation for broadband and phone
  • Customer service is available seven days
  • A line rental saver is available


  • Price depends on location
  • Traffic management applies
  • Broadband-only plans need line rental
  • Broadband-only plans need activation fee
  • Charges apply for house moves

What we like

All home broadband plans are unlimited

Plusnet home broadband is unlimited. This means there are no restrictions to how often you can browse the internet. If you want to spend all day in bed, streaming videos and films, you can – Plusnet won’t impose any charges for heavy internet use. Unfortunately, while it won’t cost you extra, it’s not ’truly’ unlimited, and a traffic management policy does apply.

Fastest UK upload speeds

Your upload speed determines how quickly you can send photos, videos and other files from your computer to the web. Plusnet offers one of the fastest average upload speeds of any mainstream UK broadband provider on its up to 76Mbps package (as determined by Ofcom). You have to choose Unlimited Fibre Extra to get these high upload speeds.

Free activation with broadband and phone

Your internet is activated for free when you take a phone plan with Plusnet broadband. You also receive a free broadband router, making the whole installation process a low-price affair.

Customer service is available seven days a week

Plusnet’s customer service helpline is based in the UK and is active seven days a week, between 7.30am and 10pm. It’s free too, and it’s included with all Plusnet broadband plans.

A line rental saver is available

Plusnet offers the option of a line rental saver to help save you money. This scheme lets you pay for 12 months' line rental upfront, at a reduced cost. It’s available to both new and existing customers. Once the 12 months are up, Plusnet will send you a gentle reminder that you can renew your line rental saver for a further 12 months, if you wish.

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What we don’t like

Price depends on location

Plusnet has a bit of an identity problem. It purports a strong rural image, but implements a low-cost/high-cost system that means many people in less-urbanised areas will have to pay more for broadband. It determines these areas by competition.

People in areas with high competition (essentially towns and cities) pay the advertised price for broadband. People in areas with low competition (villages and rural areas) have to pay more.

Traffic management applies

While Plusnet broadband is unlimited, it isn’t ‘truly’ unlimited due to its traffic management system. Unlike many traffic management policies, Plusnet doesn’t slow your broadband down at busy times of the day; instead, it slows down certain online activities.

Activities given high priority include gaming, film streaming, and video chats. Low priority activities include peer-to-peer sharing and anything classed as ‘unidentified’ traffic. For no restrictions on your broadband, see truly unlimited broadband.

Broadband-only plans require line rental

If you don't use your landline, Plusnet’s broadband-only plans might seem like a good idea. However, these plans won’t save you any money – in fact, they're liable to cost you more. This is because you still have to pay line rental, and the monthly cost for the broadband itself is raised.

Activation fee required on broadband-only plans

Not only is broadband-only a more expensive option, you have to pay activation fees too. All in all, broadband-only from Plusnet isn’t a great choice, and is only worth considering if you currently have an exceptional call plan from another provider.

Charges apply for house moves

Moving home can be stressful, and Plusnet doesn’t make things any easier by charging you extra to move your broadband from your old house to your new. This applies to all Plusnet's packages.

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Can I get Plusnet broadband?

Whether you can get Plusnet depends on where you live. Standard broadband is more widely available than fibre. Most people will be able to get it. Fibre broadband is a different matter, as it’s only available to two-thirds of the UK. Find out if you can get Plusnet by entering your postcode below.

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How fast is Plusnet broadband?

Plusnet’s top speed is 76Mbps. This matches Sky, TalkTalk, BT and several others. While its download speeds are standard, its upload speeds are, on average, faster than the competition.

Advertised broadband speeds are rarely the actual speeds you’ll receive at home – in general, you will get a slower service than the advertised "up to" speed. Here’s what you can expect:

Speeds of up to 76Mbps

Download speeds17Mbps – 76Mbps
Upload speeds1Mbps – 19Mbps
Download allowanceUnlimited
Fair usage policyNo
Traffic managementYes
Prices from£2.50 per month
Optional line rental£15.95 per month
Contract lengths12-month to 18-month
Download speeds
17Mbps – 76Mbps
Upload speeds
1Mbps – 19Mbps
Download allowance
Fair usage policy
Traffic management
Optional line rental
£2.50 per month
Contract lengths
£15.95 per month
Prices from
12-month to 18-month

Download speeds

Download speed affects almost everything you do online. It determines how quickly you can take a file, like a music track or photo, from the internet and put it into your computer. It’s measured in Mbps (megabits per second). Plusnet’s top download speed is 76Mbps. Ofcom found that on average, Plusnet’s 76Mbps fibre reached between 57.7Mbps to 60.5Mbps.

Upload speeds

Upload speed determines how quickly you can put things onto the internet from your computer. This includes posting photos to Facebook and holding online conversions. Like download speeds, it’s measured in Mbps. Plusnet’s top upload speed is 19Mbps. Ofcom found that it reaches 16.5Mbps to 17Mbps on average.

Plusnet standard broadband

Plusnet’s standard broadband packages come in two types: broadband and phone, and broadband-only. Whichever option you go for, you’ll find that usage is unlimited. Availability is widespread too, so if you can’t get fibre broadband, you can probably get Plusnet’s standard options.

There are some downsides. Broadband-only packages require line rental and activation fees, and extras are thin on the ground for both options. Here’s everything you need to know about Plusnet standard broadband deals

Standard broadband and phone deals

Free installation if you include a phone package

When you take Plusnet broadband with phone, the installation and activation are included for free. This will save you money on standard broadband, and you also get a free broadband router, although you have to pay for delivery.

There are several phone plans to choose from

Plusnet’s broadband and phone packages come with a basic call plan. For standard broadband, this is a weekend call plan, which gives you free calls on Saturday and Sunday. You can upgrade to a weekend and evenings call plan, or to an anytime or international call plan.

Standard broadband-only deals

Broadband-only is the costlier option

Plusnet’s broadband-only plans cost more than its broadband and phone packages. On top of that you still have to pay line rental. This makes broadband-only a bit of a self-defeating choice, as you won’t be saving any money by choosing to avoid a phone plan.

All Plusnet broadband plans are unlimited

You get unlimited usage no matter which broadband-only plan you choose. This means you won’t have to worry about being charged for going over a limit. Although usage is unlimited, Plusnet slows certain online activities in order to prioritise others, especially at busy times. The result is that you may find your broadband runs slowly sometimes.

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Plusnet fibre broadband

You can either take Plusnet’s fibre broadband with a phone plan, or by itself as a broadband-only deal. Download speeds are much faster than with standard broadband, and Plusnet’s fibre upload speeds are some of the fastest around.

But fibre isn’t cheap. In general, you’ll pay more for fibre than for standard broadband. Some areas still can’t get fibre optic broadband, so be sure to check before you buy. Here are Plusnet’s fibre broadband deals…

Fibre broadband and phone deals

Fibre broadband and phone comes on an 18-month contract

An 18-month contract is a fairly long commitment, so you need to be absolutely happy with your plan before settling. If you want to cancel early you’ll have to pay cancellation charges. Standard broadband from Plusnet comes on a 12-month contract and may be a better option if you don’t fancy the idea of being tied in for a year and a half.

Installation and a router are included free

Installation and activation are free when you purchase Plusnet fibre broadband with a phone plan. You also get a free broadband router (the box that gets you online). The box itself is free but you'll be charged for delivery.

Fibre broadband-only deals

Line rental is required with broadband-only

Broadband-only is a bit of a contradiction in terms with Plusnet, as you have to pay for line rental, even if you don’t want to make calls. Plusnet’s broadband-only deals also cost significantly more than those with a phone plan. If you have an exceptional call plan from another provider, Plusnet’s broadband-only packages may be attractive.

You have to pay for installation

The obvious downside to Plusnet’s broadband-only packages is the installation and activation payment. You have to pay this before you even start using the service

Compare Plusnet broadband deals

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Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Extra broadband


Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Extra broadband
Plusnet Unlimited fibre broadband


Plusnet Unlimited fibre broadband
Plusnet Unlimited broadband


Plusnet Unlimited broadband

Plusnet's router

You need a broadband router to get online. The Plusnet Hub Zero wireless router is free with standard broadband and fibre. It has four ports for connecting your computer with cables, along with wi-fi for your smartphones, tablets, and consoles.

You’ll have to pay for delivery. And while the router works with fibre, it requires an attached modem to function. Here’s what you need to know…

Is it any good?

The wireless router is basic

The wi-fi is single band rather than dual band, which means more interference and lower speeds. It has four ports for cabled connections. With fibre broadband, one of these will be taken up by the attached modem. On the upside, the Plusnet Hub Zero uses less energy than many competing routers.

The same router is supplied for both fibre and standard broadband

The same Technicolor TG582n wireless router comes with both standard and fibre optic broadband packages. Unfortunately, it isn’t made for fibre, and requires an external modem to work. This plugs into one of your router’s ports (the yellow ones on the back). This leaves three ports free for physical connections to other devices, should you need them.

You get it free – with a small delivery charge

A small charge is payable upfront along with the standard installation costs. It also comes with a free Microfilter. These attach to your home’s phone sockets to reduce interference and increase your broadband speed.


  • Model: Sagemcom 2704N ADSL 2/2+
  • Ethernet ports: 4 x 10/100 ports
  • Power consumption (standard broadband): 3.8W
  • Power consumption (fibre broadband): 3.4W

Plusnet business broadband

Plusnet has a range of broadband offers for small-sized and medium-sized businesses. Packages can be taken on one-month, 12-month, or 24-month contracts, and come with either with a phone plan or as broadband-only.

A static IP address can be added to any business package, as can a web domain. Some Plusnet business broadband packages have strict usage caps, and if you exceed them you could be charged extra. Here’s what’s available…

Business broadband and phone deals

Broadband and phone plans are flexible

Plusnet’s cheapest business broadband deals come with 24-month contracts. You can also choose a 12-month contract or a rolling monthly plan, but bear in mind that you’ll pay more for line rental on the shorter contracts. Line rental cost starts from £10.50 on a 24-month contract. The monthly price for the broadband itself is also higher on shorter contracts.

Several call plans are available

A pay-as-you-go landline call plan comes with your Plusnet business broadband package as standard. This is fine if you’re not all that interested in making calls. Business users who use the phone frequently can add the UK Anytime call plan, which gives free calls to UK landlines. There are also international plans available.

A static IP address can be added to your plan

A static IP address is essential for some businesses and can be added for a one-off payment. A static IP means your computer’s address remains constant, and if people or other computers want to connect they’ll know exactly where you are. One common reason for choosing a static IP is website hosting. Another is if you want to host a server.

Business broadband-only deals

Broadband-only contracts range from one month to 24 months

The standard broadband-only contract length is 24 months. This offers the cheapest line rental and the cheapest monthly cost. 12-month and 30-day alternatives are on offer if you don’t want to be tied in for so long, although they do cost more. Line rental jumps from £10.50 on the 24-month contract to £14.50 on the 30-day option. The monthly cost is also higher.

Unlimited overnight usage on capped plans

Some of Plusnet’s business broadband deals have capped usage, which means you can only use a certain amount of data before you get charged extra. However, all Plusnet’s business broadband packages have unlimited overnight usage so you can queue up downloads to take place overnight (12–8am) to avoid eating into your monthly limit.

A free web domain is included

You need a web domain to start a website. Plusnet offers a free web domain (e.g.: www.yourcompany.co.uk) with its broadband to get you started. It also gives you unlimited email and 250MB of web space, both of which can be great assets for a burgeoning business.

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Plusnet unlimited business fibre broadband


Plusnet unlimited business fibre broadband
Plusnet unlimited business broadband


Plusnet unlimited business broadband
Plusnet business broadband


Plusnet business broadband

Frequently asked questions

How do I switch to Plusnet?

Sign up online

Switching to Plusnet is a relatively straightforward process. Your first step is to work out what kind of Plusnet package you’d like. Plusnet has options for fibre broadband and standard broadband, and as they all come with unlimited usage, your main consideration will be price.

You can sign up online with our comparison service. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be given your activation date and Plusnet will send you a free broadband router.

Cancel your current broadband service

If you’re moving to Plusnet from any provider other than Virgin Media, you won’t have to tell your old provider you’ve switched. Everything will be taken care of by Plusnet.

If you are moving to Plusnet from Virgin Media, you will have to tell Virgin that you’re leaving and want to cancel. If you don’t, you may end up paying for two broadband services at the same time, and nobody wants that.

Await installation

Once your broadband router is delivered, you can set it up yourself quite easily by plugging it into your master phone socket. You will also receive notification of cancellation from your previous provider that will outline which services have switched, which have stayed the same, and will list any outstanding payments left on your previous account.

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Does Plusnet offer fibre optic broadband?

It offers several fibre broadband packages

Plusnet has several fibre optic broadband packages. They are available to both home and business customers. While Plusnet’s fibre broadband options provide much faster download and upload speeds than its standard broadband packages, it’s not as widely available, and some areas of the UK won’t be able to get fibre.

Fibre-to-the-cabinet broadband

Plusnet, like most other providers, runs on the BT Openreach network. Fibre-to-the-cabinet (or FTTC) means that the fibre optic broadband connection runs to your nearest telecoms cabinet (a small green box that sits in your street) and then uses the old copper telephone wires to enter your property.

What if I can’t get fibre broadband?

If you can’t get fibre broadband from Plusnet, you can either choose standard broadband or switch to a different provider. For many, standard broadband is sufficient. You can browse, download, stream films, and all the other things you can do with fibre. The difference is the speed; standard broadband is slower, and fewer people can be online at once.

Compare Plusnet fibre broadband

Does Plusnet offer broadband without line rental?

No, broadband-only packages require line rental

When you consider that you still need to pay line rental, the ‘only’ in Plusnet’s broadband-only packages begins to look a little suspect. Line rental costs £15.95 per month and must be paid in addition to the standard monthly price of all Plusnet broadband-only packages, regardless of whether you want a home phone or not.

To reduce this cost, you can use Plusnet’s line rental saver option. This lets you pay for 12 months’ line rental upfront at a reduced cost.

Are there any hidden charges with Plusnet?

The monthly price differs by location

Plusnet operates an unusual pricing strategy. It categorises areas of the UK into two different zones: high cost, and low cost. Low-cost areas have high competition. High-cost zones have only one provider: BT. If you live in a high-cost area, Plusnet will charge you more for your broadband.

You’ll be charged for early cancellation

When you sign up for Plusnet home broadband you will have a contract of a set length. If you want to cancel while still within that contract, you’ll have to pay early cancellation and service cessation fees. The earlier you cancel, the more expensive these will be.

You’ll be charged to stay with Plusnet when you move house

If you’re planning to take Plusnet broadband with you when you move home, you’ll have to pay. But that’s not all. If your new property needs a phone line, you’ll have to pay to get one installed. And if fibre broadband isn’t available in your new area, you’ll be bumped down to Plusnet’s standard broadband – without the option to cancel for free.

How good is Plusnet customer service?

Unfortunately, Ofcom doesn’t have any information regarding Plusnet’s customer service. Plusnet has won multiple awards for its customer service, but these have generally always been from within the telecoms industry, so they do not provide a clear picture.

What is Plusnet’s customer service number?

Plusnet’s customer service number is 0800 432 0200. This is for customers on residential broadband. Business broadband customers should call 0800 028 0282. When you call, make sure you have your Plusnet username and password ready to speed up your enquiry.

What is the Plusnet traffic management policy?

Traffic management applies to all Plusnet broadband services. Unlike many traffic management systems, which slow you down at certain times of the day, Plusnet slows down certain types of activity instead, such as file-sharing. As a result, most users won’t see a difference.

Some services are prioritised over others

Browsing and emailHigh
Online gamingHigh
Film and video streamingHigh
Plusnet FTPHigh
External FTPMedium
Download sitesMedium
Download serversHigh
Peer to peer/UsenetLow
Other (Unidentified) Low
Browsing and email
Online gaming
Film and video streaming
Plusnet FTP
External FTP
Download sites
Download servers
Peer to peer/Usenet
Peer to peer/Usenet

How can I save money with Plusnet?

Take out the line rental saver

This means you pay 12 months line rental upfront, at a reduced cost. While the initial payment is high it means your monthly bill will be less. This lump-sum payment costs £155.88 This equates to £12.99 per month, which is cheaper than the standard line rental cost (£15.95 per month). This initial payment is non-refundable.

Don’t choose broadband-only

Plusnet has two types of broadband bundle: one with a phone plan, and one without. The latter, broadband-only, costs more. There’s a fee for activation and the monthly cost is higher. Furthermore, you still have to pay line rental. This makes choosing broadband with a phone plan a far cheaper option.

Choose standard broadband over fibre

You can do everything online with standard broadband that you can do with fibre. This includes browsing, streaming video, and playing online games. Fibre broadband’s main benefit is the capacity for more users to be online at once. If there are only one or two regular internet users in your household, standard broadband will be sufficient.

Pretend that you’re planning to cancel

You need to be out of contract to do this, but calling Plusnet to suggest that you’re thinking of cancelling can save you money. It’s likely (though not guaranteed) that you’ll be offered money-saving incentives to stay. To help matters, have a list of comparative deals from other providers to hand. You can find such deals here.

If you’re in a high-cost area, switch provider

Plusnet operates a high-cost/low-cost pricing strategy. It’s likely that you’re in a high-cost zone if you’re paying more than advertised. In this case, switching provider may reduce what you pay for broadband.

What kind of bundles can I get with Plusnet?

You can combine broadband with a call plan

When you buy broadband from Plusnet, you get a free call plan as standard. This is the basic bundle. You can upgrade by adding a more advanced call plan, such as an international option, or an anytime plan – but this will cost you more. There are no options for bundling with TV or mobile.

Plusnet bundles come with a handful of extras

All Plusnet broadband and phone bundles come with extra features. Powered by McAfee, Plusnet Protect keeps your computer safe from viruses and spyware while you’re browsing online and the Plusnet connection fixing tool helps you locate and correct any broadband connection issues.

Compare Plusnet broadband deals

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Popular broadband deals

  • Broadband
    Max Download Speed17Mb
    Max Upload Speed1.3Mb
    Monthly UsageUnlimited
    Home Phone
    Daytime Calls9.50ppm
    Evening Calls9.50ppm
    Weekend Calls9.50ppm
    Pricing & Contract
    Monthly CostFree
    (£10 after 12 mths)
    Upfront Cost£6.95
    Contract Length12 months
    Line Rental p/m£16.40
    Average Monthly£16.98
    First Year Cost£203.75
    Lifetime Cost
    0800 840 5394
  • Broadband
    Max Download Speed17Mb
    Max Upload Speed1Mb
    Monthly UsageUnlimited
    Home Phone
    Daytime Calls0.00ppm
    Evening Calls0.00ppm
    Weekend Calls0.00ppm
    Pricing & Contract
    Monthly CostFree
    (£8 after 24 mths)
    Upfront CostFree
    Contract Length18 months
    Line Rental p/m£20
    Average Monthly£20
    First Year Cost£240
    Lifetime Cost
    0800 380 0064

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