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O2 mobile contract and billing

By Aaron Howdle | Friday, August 20th 2021

O2 is Britain’s second largest mobile network operator, with over 27 million customers. O2 has the second best 5G coverage after first place providers EE, with coverage in over 150 towns and cities compared to EE which covers more than 160.

In this guide we will walk you through an O2 contract, what you can find on your bill and what happens if you want to leave. We will also look at payment options and your rights as an O2 customer.

What is in an O2 mobile contract?

Your contract spells out the relationship between you, as the customer and O2. A contract of this type is known as a Service Level Agreement (SLA). It lays out what each party should expect from the relationship. Let’s take a look at some of the contents of an O2 SLA.

O2 contacts fall into two main types plus a traditional PAYG option. SIM only contracts are designed for people who are happy with the phone they already have. SIM only contracts last 30 days, 12 months or 24 months. The other type is a device contract, where you are making a monthly payment for your new phone plus a payment for your airtime. Airtime is the name O2 has given to its data, calls and texts bundles.

Contract length

O2 offers numerous different contract durations. Contracts are available lasting anywhere from three months to 36 months with many options in between. The cost and duration of your contract is affected by factors such as which phone you want to buy, how much you want to pay up front, which airtime bundle you choose and how long you want to be tied in.

Your plan

Your contract will show you what is included in your plan. This will be the mobile device you are buying, The amount of data you get, how many minutes are included, plus offers and benefits bundled with your package, such as free subscription to a streaming service.

Modern mobile phone plans tend to focus on the amount of data they offer and O2’s plans offer anything from 1GB of data per month to unlimited data plans.

Your phone number, and other details such as any extras you have added are also shown in the contract.

Mobile device

When you sign up for a pay monthly plan which includes a mobile device, a significant part of your monthly payment is paying for the device you have purchased. If you already have a mobile device and go for a SIM only plan, then you are only paying for your data, calls and texts. You can also choose to buy your device outright in the first place, to get a cheaper, SIM only monthly bill.

Price changes

O2’s tariffs change each April in-line with inflation. So you can expect a yearly increase in the cost of your plan..

Cooling-off period

If you change your mind about signing-up with O2, you have 14 days to cancel from the time you signed the contract. After the 14 day cooling off period you will need to pay the remaining balance of the whole contract if you wish to leave early.

What is in an O2 mobile bill?

Your O2 bill lists the charges you have incurred over the previous month and the advance charges you need to pay. There is also other useful information. You can view your bill by logging into My O2 on its website, or on the My O2 app on your mobile device. Paper bills are available but you will need to pay an extra fee.

  • Latest Bill – At the top of your bill, you will see your current balanced owed, plus your mobile number, billing date and billing period
  • Tariff and extras – Shows the monthly cost of your plan plus the total for any monthly extras you have been charged for such as extra data
  • Extra charges and purchases – Here you will see a list of the extras you have used in the last month. For example, extra minutes or charges when abroad
  • Discounts, adjustments and order changes – Under this heading, you will find a list of any discounts or adjustments to your plan, plus the VAT added to your bill
  • View and compare your bills – This section displays a comparison between your recent monthly bill amounts

Paying your O2 mobile bill

In most cases you will pay your monthly bill by direct debit. You can also pay your bill using the My O2 app or on the O2 website with a credit or debit card. Alternatively you can pay over the phone.

Late payment will lead to extra charges, so if you are having trouble with your bill you should contact O2, which may help you avoid extra charges.

Cancelling your O2 mobile contract

If your contract has ended you can leave O2 without any issues arising. However if you wish to leave a contract early you will be charged a termination fee based on the time remaining on your contract.

Cancellation charges

If you cancel your plan within the first 14 days of your contract, there is no termination fee. After the 14 day period you are in for the long haul. If you decide to leave O2 while your contract is still running, you will need to pay off the entire remaining contract in full.

Managing your O2 mobile account

To manage your O2 account, sign-in to My O2 on the O2 website or use the My O2 app on your smartphone.

The O2 website allows you to view and download your bills, check your usage, and purchase additional data, minutes or extras. There is also a comprehensive help section to solve any problems you may have or you can use the live chat feature. You can also do these things in the My O2 app, though you can only view your bills within the app, as the download feature is not available.

Frequently asked questions

Will I pay more for my O2 plan out of contract?

Once your contract has ended, you should no longer be paying for your mobile device. This means you can go onto a cheaper deal. SIM only customers on a 12 or 24 month contract can see their bills go up when their contract ends. Whichever type of contract you have you should contact O2 as soon as your contract ends to avoid overpaying.

How do I pay my final O2 Broadband bill?

You will receive a final bill 14 days after you are disconnected. If your direct debit is still active, the payment will be taken as normal. If you have cancelled your direct debit then you will need to call O2 to pay your final bill. You can also pay on the O2 website, though not on the My O2 mobile app.

What if my account is in credit when I leave O2?

If your account is in credit when you leave O2, you will receive a refund 30 days from the date of your final bill.

What if I can no longer afford my monthly bill?

If you are having trouble paying your bill you should call O2 to see if it can help. It may be possible to set up a payment plan though your services may be reduced or restricted to prevent the bill escalating.

How can I speak to O2 about my bill?

You can contact O2 using the live-chat feature on its website, or you can call 202 from your O2 mobile, 0344 809 0202 from a landline or +44 7860 980 202 from abroad.

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