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O2 mobile help, issues and complaints

By Tim Smith | Friday, August 20th 2021

Along with your keys, your mobile phone (or mobile broadband) is the most essential thing you either have in your bag or your pocket, or need to supply connectivity to your home. So, what do you do if something goes wrong with it?

In this guide we'll look at the most common problems with O2 contracts, signals, data and texts. We'll show you some solutions and we'll arm you with the information you need when you contact O2 for help.

Payment and billing issues

There are several things that can, and unfortunately sometimes do go wrong with payments and billing with just about any provider. Here are the most common issues and how to deal with them.

If you have missed a payment or are struggling to pay your bill

If you know that you're going to have a problem paying your next monthly bill or if your latest payment has failed to go through, then O2 actually has a team dedicated to helping out. You can reach the Payment Management team on 0800 902 0217.

Bear in mind that if you don't contact O2 if you can't pay or have missed a payment, your service can be restricted or even disconnected. You may then be liable for late payment and reconnection charges.

Direct Debit problems

The Current Account Switch Guarantee should make sure that if you change bank or building society then your Direct Debits will move too. However, it's a good idea to make sure this has happened. You can also manage your Direct Debit via the My O2 pages of the O2 website.

How to pay

O2's preferred method of payment for monthly contracts is by Direct Debit. However, there are other ways you can pay. For example, you can call 2729 from your O2 phone. You can also make a card payment using the My O2 app or website area.

What if you've been overcharged?

Of course payment problems aren't a one-way street. In the event that you feel you've been overcharged – say for an add-on you haven’t used – you can also get in contact with O2 using the website or app, or by calling 2729 from your O2 phone. And make sure you're checking your bill every month to ensure you're not paying more money than you should.

Network problems

If you find that you're not getting a signal or an unreliable signal with your O2 device, there are a few reasons for this, and a few ways you can deal with them before you have to return or repair your device. Obviously you can move yourself to find a better signal, but let's look at some other possible fixes.

Check the network status

Your first port of call should be to check if there are any problems with the O2 network in your area. The easiest way to do this is via the O2 website and its help pages then 'Network coverage and international' then 'Check your network status'. Then type in your postcode and you'll get an update.

O2 also has an app called the My Network app that has information on exactly these kinds of network issues. You can download this and use it to check coverage, check your speed, and even report problems.

Check your settings

There are a number of settings that can impact phone and data consistency. Look at the following: ensure that you've got mobile data turned on. Make sure your mobile network is set to O2. If not you can do this manually. Turn your device off and on again. Finally, and if all else fails, reset all your network settings – be warned this will also reset all your wifi and other network settings.

Mobile broadband problems

O2's 3G, 4G and 5G networks offer very decent network speeds and data allowances. Some people are even using these for their home broadband. But as with all networks, things can go awry. Here are some ways you can deal with that.

  • The My Network app – If you're not getting the network speed you're expecting (or any network at all) O2 has its My Network app for Android and Apple devices. Download this and you can check on network status and speed, and you can report any problems
  • Check your data cap – Using the My O2 app, or by visiting your account online, make sure that you've not gone over any cap that you might have set yourself or is agreed in your contract. You can also top up your payments or raise your cap if you wish
  • Get a booster – If you're tethering other devices to your O2 device's data plan, but your signal is fine in one part of your home but not in others, you can buy a Hot Spot booster or a dongle. O2 has several such devices and recommends others on its website. They are simple to set up, and some also come with the ability to make wifi rather than phone data available to you

How to get help from O2

Getting help with O2's contracts, devices, deals and add-ons couldn't be easier. The company is well stocked with a variety of ways for customers to find answers. These include its Android and iOs apps, its call centres, online chat and even social media via Twitter and Facebook among others.

Customer Service helplines

O2 is well armed with customer service lines. Calling directly from your O2 phone means dialling 202. Using a landline in the UK means calling 0344 809 0202. Calling from abroad means calling +44 7860 980 202.

The O2 broadband website

The O2 website has a host of ways to find help, many of which are duplicated on both Android and iOS apps. Your starting point will be your 'My O2' account pages. You will also be able to use the Community boards. However, both Help and FAQs are available to everybody.

Use social media to speed up response times

If you're not getting a fast enough response to your queries, you can make a polite request to one of O2's many social media accounts. These include: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Frequently asked questions

How can I amend my spending cap?

Your O2 monthly contract comes with a username and password that you can use to log on to your account details on the O2 website's 'My O2' pages and app. You can check your spending, and make any changes there.

Are PAC and STAC codes different?

These are the two kinds of alpha-numeric codes you need if you want to either move to O2 or move away to another provider. The PAC code is used if you want to retain your current phone number. The STAC code is used if you don't.

Is it OK to unlock my O2 phone?

It's absolutely fine if you want to use another network's SIM in your O2 phone. As for unlocking, O2 devices are unlocked to begin with.

Is it easy to set up roaming on my O2 phone?

It is. If you're on a monthly contract and haven't used roaming abroad then simply call 202 to make sure you've activated it before you travel. O2 PAYG phones automatically switch on roaming at your credit cap.

Can I pay off my O2 device early?

Yes you can. Although you can make card payments via the My O2 app and website area, this won't reduce the length of your contract with O2. If you want to pay off the entire contract including your device, you'll need to contact O2 either by going to an O2 shop or using the customer service numbers that we've mentioned above.

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