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Vodafone Unlimited Fibre 76

Tuesday, November 17th 2015

Unlimited Fibre 76 is the crowning package in Vodafone’s home broadband suite, bursting onto the scene with a spec that suggests it isn’t content to sit quietly in the corner while rival providers hog the spotlight.

It has all the components to stand up against some of the more established packages out there, but is there enough substance here to make it worthwhile? We've looked at this top-speed offering in detail to see how it stands up to the competition.

Cable.co.uk overall rating

The Unlimited Fibre 76 package is a well-rounded plan but apart from speed, there’s not much else defining it in the Vodafone broadband range. But if you want a simple, well-priced fast broadband package, this is it.

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Speed & usage



With a download speed of up to 76Mbps, Unlimited Fibre 76 pits itself alongside major fibre broadband players like Sky, BT and TalkTalk.

For the average user, a 76Mbps connection is overkill – most would probably be satisfied with Vodafone’s 38Mbps Unlimited Fibre – but this top package is aimed more at heavy-duty internet users. This level of speed is appropriate for serial downloads of large files, multiple Ultra HD video streams, and homes where everything from the TV to the kitchen sink is connected to the internet.

The upload speed mirrors that of other providers at this level with a rate of up to 19Mbps, making it useful for those who regularly share content online. Coupled with these promising speeds is unlimited usage (standard across all Vodafone broadband packages), meaning users can browse, stream, download and upload to their heart’s content without being stung by traffic management.

As Vodafone’s broadband services have yet to be included in Ofcom’s broadband performance research, we don’t know the average actual speeds of its 76Mbps package.

Advertised download speed Up to 76Mbps
Average downloads (off-peak) Not available*
Average downloads (peak) Not available*
Advertised upload speed Up to 19Mbps
Monthly usage limit Unlimited
Traffic management No
Static IP No
Minimum contract 18 months
Router Vodafone Connect router
Public wi-fi No
Prices from £25

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What you can do with it



The ‘Actual’ speeds are those reported by Ofcom.

Call plan



There is no inclusive call plan with Vodafone Broadband packages – you have the option to bolt on evening and weekend calls (for £4 per month) or anytime calls (for £8 per month).

You will receive a free voicemail service that stores up to ten messages at a time. You can triple the storage capacity by upgrading to Voicemail Plus for a little extra each month, but we can’t imagine many would need to. Extra call features such as Call Waiting are available from £2.50 per month.




Online privacy and security are at the centre of the extras offered to Vodafone customers. Bundled in with Unlimited Fibre 76 is a free six-month subscription to the popular anti-virus and internet security software F-Secure. This protects up to five of your devices – including PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets – against viruses, spyware and other potential internet hazards. After the free six-month subscription ends, you have the option to get an additional year’s protection at half the usual price.

Complementing F-Secure are Vodafone’s own content filtering tools, which can be applied across your home network to control what the devices connecting to it can and can’t access online. These content controls are completely free, but you have call Vodafone on 08080 034 515 to activate them. Once active, they can be configured to prevent access to specific websites or block any content associated with categories that you consider to be inappropriate for those connecting to your home network (e.g. gambling, dating, adult material).

Brand new customers have to pay £25 per month for Unlimited Fibre 76. You can see how this compares with similar packages on our comparison page.

One of Vodafone's major selling points is its lack of installation fees, which makes it a very appealing prospect compared to certain other providers. Line rental and broaband are all bundled up in one very reasonable fee that offers superb value for money.

The Vodafone router packs a punch with a set of technical specifications that put it in league with some of best routers available from UK broadband providers including BT’s Smart Hub and Virgin Media’s Super Hub.

The Vodafone router’s wireless (wi-fi) specification (802.11ac) can support more devices at once without having to sacrifice speed or performance, working in synergy with Beamforming technology to create a stronger and more precise signal for wirelessly connected devices. With four gigabit Ethernet ports, the Connect router would be a worthwhile addition to any wired home network where speed is of the essence, as it allows files to be shared with speed and efficiency.

Customers can prioritise devices that need a speed boost and implement a number of other controls (such as guest wi-fi network) using the router’s official companion app. Configurations like this aren’t anything new, but being able to apply them using a smartphone is rather intuitive and opens up a greater level of control for the average user.

The router is sent out in the post (p&p costs £6.99) and installation is a simple case of plug-and-play if you already have an Openreach line. If you don’t, one will need to be installed at your property by an engineer at a cost of £60.

Vodafone Connect Router

Overall Rating


In the Vodafone broadband range, the only defining feature of Unlimited Fibre 76 is its speed; everything else about the package is the same as its Standard 17 and Unlimited Fibre 38 counterparts. That’s not to say that the 76Mbps plan isn’t worth a look-in for those with a need for speed; it’s indeed a capable package. But if you can get by with a download rate of up to 38Mbps (and the majority of users can) you can still get a lot of the features discussed here for a fiver less each month.

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