Aaron Howdle | November 1st, 2021

TalkTalk Hub Wi-Fi routers

Whether you’re a TalkTalk customer or thinking of becoming one, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the equipment the provider offers. Here we cover the important details of TalkTalk routers old and new.

TalkTalk Hub routers

TalkTalk is well known for providing broadband and other services at an affordable price. But how does its pricing affect the routers supplied with its broadband? TalkTalk routers have traditionally been at the lower end in terms of features and wifi range, but it has recently introduced two new routers, which might just help change impressions of the kit the provider supplies.

Your router is the gateway through which the internet enters your home. As such, it is an important piece of equipment. A sub-standard router can throw away some of the advantages of a high speed internet connection. Sub-par wifi can cause a bottleneck between your internet connection and your devices, which begs the question: how do TalkTalk routers shape up?

How to get a TalkTalk router

There are two ways to get a TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub or Wi-Fi Hub Black. The router you get will depend on the broadband package you choose. You can also buy a router from the TalkTalk online store if you fancy an upgrade. It may be worth asking TalkTalk for an upgrade first, but it is not guaranteed that you will get one. If you are getting a poor wifi signal around your home, it could improve things however.

TalkTalk’s two entry-level broadband packages come with a Wi-Fi Hub Black, which should provide the speed and wifi strength you need for the 35Mbps and 65Mbps packages.

If you want the TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub you will need to sign up for one of TalkTalk’s ultrafast services. These include Fibre 150, Fibre 500 and Ultra Fibre Optic. You will need to check availability of these faster packages in your area, as these ultrafast speeds are not yet widely available across the UK.

In most cases, you can expect your new TalkTalk router to arrive in the post within a couple of weeks of either signing up to a new package or upgrading your existing package if you're already a TalkTalk customer. If required, an engineer is usually dispatched to connect you after about 14 days, otherwise you will receive your new router in the post and can set it up yourself. If you have a pre-existing Openreach connection, then this isn’t a problem. Either way, TalkTalk will advise you whether you need an engineer visit or not when you sign up.

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TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub Black and Wi-Fi Hub features

Although these routers look nearly identical, and feature more or less the same ports on the back, there are differences below the surface. This is due to the wildly different broadband speeds on offer across TalkTalk’s range of packages. A different breed of router is required to deliver superfast or ultrafast broadband at high speed to multiple devices.

Currently, the WiFi Hub Black is a Huawei DG8041W and the WiFi Hub is a Sagemcom FAST 5364. In this section we will take a look at the similarities and differences between the two routers.

Wi-Fi Hub Black

TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub

TalkTalk router

If there are any unfamiliar terms you'd like a more in-depth explanation of, check out our jargon-busting guide.

Setting up your TalkTalk router

If an engineer is required to set up your TalkTalk broadband, they will also set up your router. If not, then you will need to do it yourself. Luckily it is a simple process.

The first step is to unplug your existing router, micro-switches and phones from your wall mounted telephone socket. Once you have done this you can plug the supplied micro-filter into your phone socket. Then plug the grey cable into the micro-filter and push the other end into the grey port on the back of the router.

Now you are ready to connect the power supply. Switch off the mains plug socket, then plug the power supply into the router. Now plug into the mains power socket. Once this is done, switch on the power socket and press the power button on the back of your router.

There is a small removable card inserted into the back of your Wi-Fi Hub or Wi-Fi Hub Black. This card has all your wifi log in details printed on it.

Once your router is up and running, we'd suggest you start making it as secure as possible. Our guide to securing your wifi router can help.

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Legacy TalkTalk routers

The Wi-fi Hub Black and the Wi-Fi Hub are both relatively new routers, but how do they compare to some of TalkTalk’s previous routers? There are plenty of older TalkTalk routers in use around the country. The last iteration was the Super Router.

It was well reviewed at the time of its release, and had some good features. After an initial roll out with faster packages, this router was later supplied to all new TalkTalk broadband customers. It featured Dual 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands and was compatible with 802.11ac and earlier wifi standards. It worked as both an ADSL2+ (Broadband via telephone line) and a VDSL (Fibre broadband) modem. It even had a single USB port, allowing the connection of networked devices such as printers.

Frequently asked questions

Will I be able to keep my TalkTalk router if I leave TalkTalk?

No. You will need to return your TalkTalk router if you decide to leave TalkTalk.

Can I get TalkTalk broadband without a phone line?

It depends which package you want. If you have an ADSL package you need a phone line too. Fibre packages are offered as broadband-only without a phone package – though you still need a line into your home to plug the router into. So the line itself must be present.

What is the latest TalkTalk router?

Talktalk’s latest router models are the Wi-Fi Hub Black , supplied with its slower internet services and the Wi-Fi Hub, used for its ultrafast broadband packages with speeds over 100Mbps.

The Wi-Fi Hub Black and Wi-Fi Hub look the same, what is the difference?

The Wi-Fi Hub Black is designed for the slower packages offered by TalkTalk. The faster packages require a router capable of transmitting more data to more devices via its wifi. This is what the Wi-Fi Hub is designed to do.