Home broadband reviews

Our broadband reviews are written by genuine consumer broadband experts, here to offer you their opinions on almost every widely available broadband service.

  • Virgin Media

    5 stars

    Virgin Media provides the fastest and most reliable widely available broadband in the country, of that there can be no argument.

  • Sky

    4 stars

    Sky offers the most complete subscription TV packages in the UK, so bundling up with broadband seems like a no-brainer.

  • BT

    4 stars

    Arguably Britain's best-known provider of broadband and telephone services, BT Broadband can be on the expensive side.

  • Plusnet

    4 stars

    Plusnet, now owned by BT, has a stellar customer service reputation, winning award after award, year after year.

  • TalkTalk

    3.5 stars

    TalkTalk Broadband is aimed squarely at the budget-conscious customer. Nothing about it is particularly remarkable.

  • SSE

    3.5 stars

    One of the 'big six' energy providers, SSE began offering broadband not all that long ago. It's almost always among the cheapest.

  • EE

    3.5 stars

    EE is, of course, primarily a mobile network provider. Nevertheless, it offers a competent and competitive broadband service.

  • NOW Broadband

    4 stars

    NOW TV is Sky's dedicated streaming service, and of course we also have Sky Broadband. Do we need NOW Broadband?

  • Vodafone

    4 stars

    Vodafone is best known as a mobile network. When it comes to broadband, it's low monthly payments that set it apart.

  • John Lewis

    3.5 stars

    Generally at the more 'luxury' (expensive, let's just say expensive) end of the market, John Lewis Broadband trades on its brand.

  • Shell Energy Broadband

    4 stars

    Shell Energy is the new name for First Utility, which was an energy provider first and a broadband provider more recently.

  • Hyperoptic

    3.5 stars

    Hyperoptic isn't widely available, but offers unrivalled speeds of up to 1,000Mbps – provided you can get it.

  • Origin Broadband

    3 stars

    Origin Broadband offers decent broadband at decent prices. You won't find a lot of frills here.

  • iTalk Broadband

    3.5 stars

    Brighton-based iTalk offers nationally available competitive broadband deals to those who like prefer to deal with a smaller company.

  • Relish Broadband

    3.5 stars

    Relish offers home broadband via a 4G mobile network to properties in and around central London, making it a somewhat niche provider.

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Business broadband reviews

If you have a small or medium business or a business at home, these providers are the perfect starting point to get you reliably connected.

  • XLN Business

    4 stars

    XLN only offers business broadband and as a result it’s very, very good at it. For serious small business need XLN is highly recommended.

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