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Sky contract and billing

By Tim Smith | Tuesday, March 21st 2023

What's in standard Sky TV and Broadband contracts? How does the billing for those Sky services work? It can all seem very technical and complex but it doesn't have to be. Find out the essential details right here in our guide.

Before you get Sky Broadband and/or Sky TV, you should understand what you're signing up for and how you pay for it. Contracts, billing cycles and billing methods can seem complicated, but take a few minutes to read our guide and you'll be better placed to know what's what.

What is in a standard Sky TV contract?

When you get a Sky TV deal, you have to sign a contract. Your contract for Sky TV sets out the rights and responsibilities of both you personally and of Sky; in essence, Sky supplies you with a service and you pay for it. The contract doesn't affect your statutory consumer rights.

There are a few basic clauses in your contract with Sky that are simply laid out. These include the fact that you have to be over 18 to sign it in the first place. You will also find details on the complaints procedure, the definitions of words and terms used in the contract, and a list of the channels you've chosen.

Bear in mind that if you take up any special offers or bolt on any extras during the time you have a contract with Sky, these may affect your existing contract. So, what should you look out for?

Here are some of the main points to consider in the Sky TV contract.

What does your Sky TV contract cover?

Your Sky TV contract covers where you can view Sky TV, what happens when your contract expires, who (out of Sky and yourself) is responsible for equipment, notifications of change of details, and price changes.

  • Contract length – This is the minimum period of time you're contracted to Sky TV. Only after this expires can you cancel your service without being charged a penalty fee. Remember that unless you choose to cancel, Sky TV will just continue to supply the service and bill you for it after the minimum subscription term expires – there is no maximum term
  • Services covered – Your standard contract covers the package, the equipment, the installation procedure, and the prices you chose at check-out. The standard contract does not cover additional items such as pay-per-view and other one-off programmes or services
  • Changes to service and price – Your Sky TV contract explains that, yes, prices can change during your minimum subscription period. It also explains how much notice it has to give you before changing the price or the service
  • Cooling-off period – If you sign up for Sky TV but for whatever reason quickly decide you no longer want or need it, you do have a 'cooling off period' of 14 days in which you can cancel and get a full refund. This section tells you when this period starts and ends and how to cancel. It also explains how and when Sky must refund any outstanding monies that it may have taken from your account

What is in a standard Sky Broadband contract?

When you sign up for a Sky Broadband deal, you have to agree to a contract with Sky that sets out the rights and responsibilities of both you and Sky in relation to your use of Sky’s services. The contract doesn't affect your statutory consumer rights.

Your contract with Sky lays out all the key information you need. You have to be 18 or over in order to be able to sign up for a Sky Broadband service. In your contract you will find clauses on the complaints procedure, the definitions of words and terms used in the contract, and what speeds you can expect. It also details the Usage policy (also known as the Acceptable Use Policy or 'AUP'. Then there are some slightly more detailed and technical matters.

Bear in mind that any extras you buy or changes you make to your Sky Broadband service may result in the initial contract term being extended. Here are some of the main points to consider in the Sky Broadband contract.

  • Contract length – There is no maximum length of contract, only a minimum term. It is your responsibility to cancel at the end of the minimum term. SKy is legally obliged to contact you and advise you that the end of your contract is approaching, but if you choose not to cancel, Sky will continue to provide you with your service and you will continue to pay for it
  • How Sky can control or restrict your service – Your Sky Broadband contract explains that prices can go up during your minimum subscription period and how much notice it has to give you before changing the price, or the service
  • Equipment ownership – Sky retains ownership of all the equipment it supplies to you. If you decide to cancel at the end of your minimum term, you must return the equipment or you may face a penalty charge
  • Your speed guarantee – When you sign up with Sky you will be told what download and upload speeds you can expect to receive at your property
  • Cancellation – This section explains how to cancel your Sky Broadband service, when you can cancel, what happens with refunds or money you owe, and what to do with your equipment
  • Cooling-off period – Sky Broadband allows all new customers to cancel without being charged within 14 days of signing up to the service – this is known as the cooling-off period. This section explains how to cancel your service if you have changed your mind, and what refund you are due from Sky if you do so

How does Sky Broadband billing work?

You will find details of how you can pay for your services in your Sky Broadband contract. Here's what you need to know:

How can you pay for Sky Broadband?

Payment to Sky is made by Direct Debit from your bank account, or by regular monthly payment by Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card. You can't pay by Maestro or American Express. You can change your payment method online, using the My Sky app, or by logging in to your account online. You can't pay for your subscription over the phone.

Do you pay in advance for installation?

Yes. Sky Broadband will take any installation and equipment charges in advance of carrying out any work and activating your service.

When does billing start?

Your first billing period starts on the same day as your Sky Broadband connection is activated by Sky. You are billed one-month in advance. Very occasionally this might not mean the day it is installed.

When do I pay my Sky Broadband bill?

Sky Broadband is billed monthly and payment is required by Direct Debit. You can change the date the payment comes out of your account however, should you want to. You can do this online, via the My Sky app, and by using your Sky remote if you have Sky TV.

Can Sky Broadband take money from my account?

Yes, if you've set up a Direct Debit with Sky, then the company can legitimately take money owed to it from your account or card.

How much notice will I get if Sky increases prices?

Sky must give you 31 days’ notice if the price of your deal is going to rise or fall. This notice period still doesn't mean you can cancel your service early.

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