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Eclipse Home Fibre broadband review

UPDATE: This Eclipse broadband service is no longer available to new customers. Eclipse Home Fibre broadband might have the word ‘home’ comfortably nestled in its title, but this package is clearly designed with the home business user in mind. That doesn’t mean it’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing however, as it has some great benefits that many traditional home broadband packages lack.

If you run your own business, it's important to know whether Eclipse Home Fibre broadband puts the competition completely in the shade.

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Despite the name, this package is clearly designed for home businesses that require broadband. The eight free IP addresses are an amazing bonus for such users, as is the guarantee of an assured throughput of 12Mbps. But users seeking traditional home broadband will be better off looking elsewhere.

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Speed & usage



Eclipse doesn’t provide an advertised maximum broadband speed. Instead, it claims to provide an assured throughput of 12Mbps. That means no matter where you are, and no matter what your connection is like, Eclipse guarantees that you’ll get at least 12Mbps. As great as this is, the lack of an advertised ‘up to’ download speed means that we have to take the 12Mbps speed in it’s stead – making this package one of the slowest fibre broadband packages currently available.

Upload speeds are fairly standard. They start at a basic rate of up to 2Mbps, but can be upgraded to a much faster 10Mbps – as long as you don’t mind paying an extra £5 per month on top of your standard bill.

The package is subject to a rather tight 10GB data limit. That’s barely enough to download two HD movies, let alone browse the web for a whole month. As such, it’s only really of use to light users (and we mean very light users), but it can be upgraded for an additional monthly fee, all the way up to unlimited – but that’s an extremely expensive option.

Advertised download speed Up to 12Mbps*
Average downloads (off-peak) Not available
Average downloads (peak) Not available
Advertised upload speed Up to 2Mbps
Monthly usage limit 10GB
Traffic management Yes
Static IP Up to 8
Minimum contract 12 months
Router Netgear WNR2200
Public wi-fi No
Prices from £21.50 per month
*Speed stated is the ‘assured throughput’ of the Eclipse fibre line

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What you can do with it



The ‘Actual’ speeds are those reported by Ofcom.

Technical support



Technical support is where Eclipse really shines. Charmingly, Eclipse refers to its award-winning technical support team as its ‘super-hero support’. Located in Devon, call centres are English speaking and populated with technically savvy individuals capable of dealing with the majority of broadband-related issues.

Eclipse hosts a knowledge database on its site that functions as a first-stop location for answers to broadband issues. Customers can browse this database for answers, or can contact Eclipse directly to solve any issues they’re currently experiencing.

Instead of calling the helpline, you can raise a support ticket, which will be answered by a member of the Eclipse team as soon as possible. If you think an issue with your broadband might be due to a problem on the provider’s line, or due to maintenance, Eclipse provides a thorough list of current problems and outages across the whole of its network, entirely for free.




You can have eight static IP addresses with your Eclipse Home Fibre broadband package. These are extremely useful for running a home-based web server, as they guarantee a consistently fixed address for outside connections. If you’re a serious PC gamer, or if you have an old online console that you want to fix up as a multiplayer machine, having eight static IP addresses can be a massive help.

While subject to a 10GB usage cap, all downloads and uploads are unmetered overnight (after 11pm) and during weekend hours. The idea behind this policy is that most users will access the internet during weekend hours, when home from work. Downloaders can queue up downloads to take place overnight and during the wee hours of the morning to avoid the 10GB wall. It’s worth bearing in mind that traffic management applies to Eclipse Home Fibre broadband, even during the unmetered weekend hours.

Value for money



Value for money with Eclipse Home Fibre broadband will depend on how much value you personally place on having eight static IP addresses. If it is not important to you, then the service is extremely expensive.

We’re taking the stance that the majority of users coming to Eclipse for home broadband will be doing so in order to run a home business. In that respect, having an assured throughput of 12Mbps is a massive benefit, as it means you won’t suddenly find your connection slowing down for no observable reason during working hours.

The basic Eclipse Home Fibre broadband package, with 10GB monthly usage, costs £21.50 per month. Installation is free if you take this package on a 24-month contract. But, if you choose to take a shorter 12-month contract, installation costs £100.

Equipment & installation



The broadband router comes for free when you sign up with Eclipse. Installation is also free – but only if you sign up for a 24-month contract, as we’ve stated previously.

The router in question is a fairly standard model, and is somewhat light on the bells and whistles that come with some other providers' routers. It comes with five 10/100 ports on the reverse, enabling wired connections of up to 100Mbps, and it features a USB port for the quick dissemination of data and files across your home network. It’s a single band wireless router too, and is restricted to the 2.4GHZ Wi-Fi band. However, this will only be an issue if you’re planning to run multiple wireless devices.

Eclipse - Netgear WNR2200 Router

Overall Rating


This package isn’t really a home broadband service, despite what it says on the tin. It’s very much tailored to the home business user, and to that end it provides a solid solution. Anyone coming to Eclipse for a traditional broadband package will baulk at the high price, restrictive usage limits, and slow speeds, and would be far better off looking at alternate home broadband providers.

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