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TalkTalk sale: UK's cheapest broadband at £17 p/m

By Oprah Flash
Friday, April 20th 2018

TalkTalk has knocked down the price of its basic broadband package to £17 a month with no set-up fee until Thursday 12 July.

The good weather must have put TalkTalk in a good mood, as the provider has knocked down the cost of its broadband and TV packages. Over a 12-month contract, you can get your hands on a unlimited ADSL broadband connection with download speeds up to 17Mbps, for £17 a month.

There is no set-up fee, so no nasty surprises on your first bill. When you reach the end of the contract the monthly cost will rise to £27 a month.

TalkTalk’s Fast Broadband plan is the standard package, suitable for smaller households of up to three people who only moderately use the internet. You’ll be able to do your online shopping, catch-up on Twitter and stream music.

Fibre broadband from £22.50 a month

To bundle up your basic TalkTalk broadband with with some pay-TV, it’s £24 a month for TalkTalk’s Fast Broadband and TV Plus Box. There is also a on-off £25 to pay to cover to cost of the TV box.

With this bundle, you get the usual Freeview channels plus 15 extra premium ones like Sky One, MTV and Fox. The TalkTalk TV Plus Box lets you pause, rewind and record live telly as well watch on-demand channels.

For a faster and more reliable connection, it's worth looking into one of TalkTalk’s fibre broadband packages. Faster Fibre with speeds up to 38Mbps is now just £22.50 a month and the Faster Fibre Large, TalkTalk’s fastest package, is £27.50 a month.

All of the above prices include your line rental charge, and are only available to new customers who sign up online.

TalkTalk prides itself on its price guarantees, promising you’ll pay the same amount across the length of the contract, making mid-contract price hikes a thing of the past.