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Sky student broadband review 2016

By Richard Murphy
Friday, October 16th 2015

Sky's student broadband offers unlimited broadband for the nine months of the student year. Sign up in time and you’ll have more money left over for books… or beer.

Ok, maybe it’s not that simple – there are still some things to think about to ensure the package is right for you and your housemates. Will it be fast enough? How long does the contract last? Does it come with a landline? Let’s find out.

Pros and cons


  • It’s free!
  • Truly unlimited
  • Access to Sky WiFi


  • Not available all year round
  • Big households might need more
  • No inclusive calls

What we like

It’s free

There’s nothing quite like getting something for nothing. If you’re the kind of person who repeatedly walks past the deli counter in Tesco just to get more than one handful of free cheese (top tip if you've never done it), then this is the package for you.

Sky’s student broadband deal is on a nine-month contract to coincide with your term. During that time you’ll only have to pay Sky’s £15 monthly line rental.

After the nine months is up, the package will go up in price, so make sure you cancel after the eighth month. Other than line rental, the only other thing you and your housemates have to pay is £9.95 for the delivery of the router. There’s no charge for set up or installation.

No usage caps, traffic management or fair usage policy

You need unlimited broadband. Trust us, we’ve been there before. You’ll never see a group of people turn on each other as quickly as students in a house with no broadband because somebody just streamed House of Cards in UHD. It’s brutal.

Usage limits, traffic management and fair usage policies restrict or slow downloading when it's perceived to be overused, stemming the flow of your data.

Sky Student Broadband is totally without restriction, so you can download, stream, Skype and browse to your heart’s content.

Access to Sky WiFi

You’ll get access to Sky WiFi, a network of 20,000 wi-fi hotspots you can connect your phone, tablet or laptop to when you’re outside the house. The hotspots are located in all manner of bars, restaurants and cafes and you can register up to six devices to use them at no extra cost.

These hotspots are great if you’re up for a bit of public studying, and can save a fortune on your mobile data bill.

What we don’t like

It’s not available all year round

Sky Student Broadband was launched to coincide with the start of the university term, which means you’ve only got until the end of October to take advantage of it.

If you’re reading this and it’s the middle of November then you’re probably too late, and you’ll have to find an alternative broadband deal. You can usually find a decent broadband package for not much more than a couple of quid a month, but it will be at least a 12-month contract.

It might not be fast enough for some student households

Every student house has that one person, we’ll call him Terry, who takes the mick with the broadband. Terry is the guy who always complains that his Call of Duty performance is affected by a slow connection or moans that it’s taking too long to illegally torrent all of this summer’s blockbusters.

If you can’t identify this person, then it’s probably you. You’re Terry.

Sky Student Broadband is 17Mbps, which is about the average for a standard broadband package. If you have even one Terry (or multiple Terrys) then this will not going to be fast enough. You’ll probably need a fibre broadband connection instead.

No landline calls

While this package does come with a landline, it doesn't include a call plan with any inclusive minutes. They call it a pay-as-you-go plan, so you’ll pay for any calls you make.

This probably hasn’t been much of a consideration for you because you're not your gran and as such have no need of a landline anyway.

Even so, had this package come with a call plan that gave you inclusive minutes, you could have called home without having to use any of your mobile minutes – which would have been nice.


Sky Student Broadband is free right now. Free! You pay nine months line rental and a couple of quid for the router, but that’s it. Free is as cheap as things get before Sky start paying you for the privilege of putting a router in your house.

While it’s a great deal (did we mention that it’s free?), you’ll need to ensure that: a) You’re within the time frame for ordering it and b) 17Mbps will be fast enough for your household. If there are only a couple of you then we’d suggest it is.

If there are five or six people who are always online then it’s probably not. In that case you should get a deal with at least 38Mbps download speed – more if you can afford it.

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