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Sky Fibre Unlimited 38Mb broadband

  • Up to 38Mb download, 10Mb upload speed
  • Truly unlimited monthly usage
  • Pay for calls made (9.5p per min)

Sky Fibre Unlimited is superfast fibre optic broadband with absolutely no download restrictions. It’s a great choice for serious web fanatics, busy couples and families who want the power to download and stream rich content to multiple devices at the same time – and it’s available with or without Sky TV.

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  • Broadband

    Sky Fibre Unlimited
    • Up to 38Mb Fibre Broadband
    • Unlimited Monthly Usage
    • Free Wireless Router

    Note: broadband speeds may vary

    Home Phone

    Sky Pay As You Talk
    • Keep Your Existing BT Number
    • Pay Only For The Calls You Make

    Digital TV

    Not included
  • Sky Fibre Unlimited

    Up to 38Mb fibre broadband with unlimited monthly usage, no fair use policy and no traffic management, free wireless router and free McAfee Internet Security Suite.

    Download Speed (up to)38Mb
    Monthly UsageUnlimited
    Fair Usage PolicyNo
    Upload Speed9.5Mb
    Traffic ManagementNo
    IP AddressingDynamic
  • Sky Pay As You Talk

    No inclusive calls, pay only for the calls you make.

    Daytime Calls9.50p per minute
    Evening Calls9.50p per minute
    Weekend Calls9.50p per minute
    Out-of-bundle charges

    Please note that calls to mobiles and numbers starting 05, 070, 076, 08, 09, 101, 116 and 118 may not be included, and you may be charged if your call exceeds a set time-limit. Customers with free weekend and evening calls will be charged outside these periods. Some mobile providers will also charge you for calling your voicemail.

    Since contracts differ between providers and packages, we advise you to check carefully which calls you will be charged for.

  • Price breakdown

    Monthly prices include line rental

    Initial monthly cost£30.00
    Monthly cost after 18 months£38.99
    Set-up cost£48.95
    First year cost£408.95
    Average cost per month£32.72
    Minimum contract length18 months
    In simple terms...

    You'll pay £30p/m for the first 18 months, a one-off cost of £48.95.

    Offers and discounts
    New Sky Customers (Sky TV not required)-
    Save £161 over 18 months£161.82
    You save£161.82
  • Ofcom

    Ofcom are the Independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries.


    You should have the right to cancel without penalty if your provider increases charges during the minimum term of your contract.

    Assumptions and limitations

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Totally unlimited fibre optic broadband from Sky

With Sky Fibre Unlimited as your home broadband package you can download as much as you like each month at superfast speeds, and with absolutely no restrictions.

There’s no fair usage policy to limit the number of movies, games or MP3s that you’re allowed to download or stream each month, and there’s no traffic management to slow down your connection at the busiest times – no matter what you’re doing online.

The advertised top speed of Sky Fibre Unlimited is a superfast 38Mbps, but the speed that you’ll get will be determined by your location, the quality of your phone line and your home wiring. Users who live close to their exchange may actually be able to download at slightly higher speeds.

In addition to your new fibre broadband service you’ll also get a pay-as-you-talk call plan. With this plan you’ll be charged for the calls you make. However, there is an option to upgrade your call package to either Evening and Weekends Extra, Anytime Extra or International Extra.

Wireless broadband whether you're home or away

When you sign up for Sky Broadband Unlimited you’ll be able to enjoy wireless broadband internet access at home and in selected public places.

All new subscribers are supplied with a free Sky Box wireless router, which is worth more than £50. When you sign up for a 12 month contract you'll get one free - all you have to pay is {} to cover the cost of delivery.

When you're away from home you’ll get free and unlimited internet access at hotspots connected to The Cloud network. There are already more than {} high street hotspots in the network, and as a Sky unlimited broadband customer you can register up to six different portable devices for use with The Cloud.

Switching to Sky fibre

If you live in a Sky fibre area you can sign up for Fibre Unlimited & calls whether you’re a new or existing customer, and whether you want Sky TV or not.

You’ll need to switch your phone line from your current provider, and start paying {} a month line rental. You won’t have to pay line rental to anyone else, and all charges will be on a single monthly bill.

Sky will usually be able to transfer your phone number, and the whole process of switching usually takes less than three weeks. If you're moving from an existing broadband provider it’s advisable to request your MAC code as this can reduce the likelihood of disruptions to your internet connection as the move is being made.

What to expect on your installation day

You won’t be able to install Sky fibre yourself. Instead an engineer to install everything for you, either on a first visit or following a site survey.

You’ll need two spare electrical sockets next to your main telephone socket to power your fibre optic modem and your wireless router. If you don’t have spare sockets an extension lead will work just fine.

On the day of installation the engineer will probably have to replace your master phone socket before installing your modem and wireless router - make sure that there isn’t any heavy furniture in the way as the engineer isn’t responsible for moving it. Then, once all of the equipment is installed, he’ll ensure that your new fibre optic broadband connection is working okay before he leaves. From start to finish the whole installation process should take no more than 3 hours.


Max Download Speed38Mb
Max Upload Speed9.5Mb
Monthly UsageUnlimited
Fair UsageNo
Traffic ShapingNo


Daytime Calls9.50ppm
Evening Calls9.50ppm
Weekend Calls9.50ppm

Pricing & Contract

Monthly Cost
£38.99 p/m after 18 mths
(includes line rental)
Upfront Cost£48.95
Contract Length18 months
Line Rental p/m£0
Average Monthly£32.72
First Year Cost£408.95
Lifetime Cost£588.95
Call 0203 151 2395
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