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Moving home with Sky

By Claire Nottage | Monday, June 12th 2023

Along with gas, water and electricity, most of us now regard broadband as another essential utility, so you want to know that your Sky broadband connection will be live as soon as possible when you move into your new home.

In this guide, we look at what’s involved if you are moving home and want to take your Sky broadband service with you, as well as how you can make changes to your existing service. We also explain what to do if you are thinking about switching from Sky to another broadband provider in order to save a bit of cash.

Keeping your current Sky Broadband package

If you are happy with Sky Broadband and want to keep the service, then taking it with you to your new home should be straightforward. However, before you set things in motion, check that Sky can still provide you with the same service at your new address. This is unlikely to be a problem as Sky uses the Openreach network, which is widely available across the country.

Once you know that you can just take your current service with you, then you must give Sky all the information at least two weeks before your move date. You will need to provide your new address, the date on which you intend to move in, and the date on which you wish the connection at your old property to be stopped.

Register with Sky VIP to arrange your home move online

If you’re not already registered with Sky VIP, then it’s easy to do by simply logging on to your account. Sky’s loyalty programme offers existing customers certain benefits depending on how long they have been with Sky. Within Sky VIP there is a section called Home Move, where you can arrange your broadband move without having to pick up the phone.

Once you have set the ball rolling, you can keep track of how the move is progressing by checking into the app. Sky states that the date your installation will take place may be subject to change, but that you will always be kept notified.

If you currently have Sky Q as well as Sky Broadband, there is no need to take your dish with you – Sky will install a new one at your new address. If you have signed up to Sky VIP, the installation will be free of charge. You will, however, need to take your Sky Q box with you. Equally if you have Sky Glass or Sky Stream, you will need to take your equipment with you.

Charges for moving home with Sky

There are no fees for moving your existing Sky broadband service and your Direct Debits will remain the same. You will likely receive a refund in your final bill for your old address and a little extra in your first bill at your new address – this is simply due to stopping and restarting your connection. The exception to this is if your new address requires a landline to be installed, which will incur a small fee, or if there is any additional work required in order to get your service up and running.

Upgrading your Sky Broadband deal

If you elect not to change your existing Sky package, then your contract will continue to roll on and will keep the same end date. However, you may be thinking of taking the opportunity to make a few changes. You can speak to a Sky advisor in advance of your move and they will be able to tell you about any special offers available to existing customers.

Upgrade your broadband speed

If you currently have Sky Essential standard broadband, you might want to upgrade to Sky Superfast fibre and enjoy faster download speeds and a better online experience all round. Or you may find that Sky Ultrafast is available at your new address and choose to upgrade to Sky’s full fibre service, which offers speeds up to 900Mbps.

Upgrade or change your Sky TV package

If you don’t already have Sky TV, you might want to add it to your package. Sky offers a choice of three ways to get its TV: Sky Q, Sky Glass and Sky Stream. All of them provide access to the same channels and services, with Sky Q now being the only one that still requires a satellite dish. If you currently have Sky Q, you may decide to switch to one of the broadband-based TV services when you move if you no longer want to have a dish on your property.

Just be aware that if you are currently mid-contract with any of your Sky services, you will be obliged to pay an early cancellation fee if you stop any of them. If you choose to upgrade your existing package, you will have to sign up to a new 18-month contract. If you are out of contract, you will be signed up to a new contract if you make any changes.

Moving home and leaving Sky

If your initial contract term has expired, then you are free to leave Sky and move to another provider. It is always worth looking around and seeing what other deals are available once you get to this point, since a new deal will almost always work out cheaper than keeping what you have.

To see what else is available at your new address, you can use our broadband comparison page to find a new package that suits your requirements. If you are just looking for broadband, then there are plenty of providers to choose from, all of which run on the Openreach network used by BT. The exception to this is Virgin Media, which runs on its own network, but is not as widely available as Openreach. Virgin Media offers exceptionally fast broadband speeds and also offers a comparable TV service to Sky, should you be looking for a broadband and TV bundle.

If you are moving to a new-build property, Openreach may not be available. However, it may be the case that Virgin Media or gigabit-broadband provider Gigaclear has already installed cabling in the development, meaning you can enjoy ultrafast speeds at your new home.

Frequently asked questions

What happens if my home move is delayed?

If your move date changes at the last minute, then you just should let Sky know as quickly as possible via the Home Move service online. If you are switching to a new provider, you should also let them know as quickly as possible. Be aware that if you make changes within less than 24 hours you will be charged a fee by Sky.

Can I take my old Sky phone number to my new address?

If you are staying in the same area, you may be able to keep your number. If you are moving to a new area, you will be given a new number.

Will Sky give me any special deals when I move home?

All broadband providers keep their best deals for new customers, but you may be able to extract a good deal out of Sky by threatening to move to another provider. Just bear in mind that a new Sky package will require committing to a new contract.

I’m moving to a flat, can I take Sky TV with me?

Some blocks of flats already share a communal Sky dish so you may be able to get connected without any issue. If there is not a dish already installed, you will need to get permission from the residents’ association or landlord to have one installed. Alternatively you can switch to Sky Glass or Sky Stream, both of which only require a broadband connection.

Can I take my Sky services into rented accommodation?

The only potential issue moving into a rented property is if you want Sky Q TV, in which case you will need permission from your landlord for a dish to be installed. If the landlord declines, you can sign up for Sky Glass or Sky Stream instead.

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