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Vodafone filters and parental controls

By Claire Nottage | Tuesday, June 20th 2023

Whether you are just looking for a comprehensive home broadband security pack to see off viruses and other forms of online attack, or a parent seeking reassurance that your child can’t get to any inappropriate websites, Vodafone offers a solution.

Vodafone’s expertise is in the mobile arena and so it offers an excellent online security package for both mobile and 4G/5G home broadband customers. But its fibre broadband customers are also catered for, with a multi-layer system that can block out everything from known phishing websites, sites containing malware, to social media.

Vodafone home broadband safety and security

Vodafone offers three different settings for its broadband customers, which encompass both security settings and parental controls. To access them, customers simply need to log in to the My Vodafone app or their online account.

Vodafone offers Secure Net, a tiered system of broadband security

SecureNet’s lowest level of control, called Safe, blocks access to websites containing malware that can infect your device with a virus, and also protects against sites known for phishing that attempt to steal your personal information, such as bank details and your identity. Vodafone recommends that all customers select Safe as a minimum level of protection against online attacks.

The next level of control is called Supersafe, which is the minimum level advised for parents. It blocks access to any sites containing adult content, as well as any sites featuring violence, hate, tobacco, drugs, crime, alcohol, gambling and online dating. This is in addition to blocking malware and phishing.

The highest level of control, named Ultrasafe, provides protection against malware and phishing, along with all the inappropriate sites listed under Supersafe, and also blocks online games, social media, and websites containing information on sex education. If parents are concerned about protecting their children from the more toxic side of TikTok, then this level is ideal.

Once you have selected your level of security, it will be applied across all devices that are connected to your home wifi. It will not protect them when you are away from home, however, which is where Vodafone’s mobile security software, Secure Net, comes in.

Vodafone mobile safety and security

Vodafone provides Secure Net for all its mobile customers. It offers online protection whenever you are connected to the Vodafone network on a range of devices, including phones, laptops, tablets or a PC.

Secure Net for Vodafone 4G Home Broadband

If you use a Gigacube for Vodafone 4G or 5G for your home broadband as well as for your mobile, Secure Net is ideal. You can connect as many devices as you wish and they will be protected both at home and when you are out, as long as you are connected to the Vodafone network.

To set up Secure Net, customers simply need to download and open the Secure Net app from the App Store or Google Play and follow the instructions.

Secure Net offers comprehensive protection

With anti-virus software and anti-malware to prevent attacks that will infect and corrupt your data, Secure Net also blocks unsafe websites and protects you from phishing attempts intent on stealing your personal data or using your identity for fraudulent and illegal activities.

Whenever a threat is detected, Secure Net will send you a text to alert you, and for peace of mind, you will always see an icon in the corner of your screen to show that the software is working. Additionally, if you access an unsafe website, you’ll be redirected to a warning page where you can choose to continue or not.

In addition, you can run a clean on your device every now and again to weed out any nasties you might have picked up while connected to an unprotected wifi signal rather than the Vodafone network.

Parental controls with Secure Net

As well as protection against online attacks, parents can rest easy regards to what their children are looking at online by using the parental controls within the app. With 12 different categories for filtering, parents can tailor what each child has access to on the Vodafone network. So if you want your youngest to keep off social media but your older teenager is okay with Instagram, then you can set the controls accordingly.

If the issue is that your kids spend too much time online, then you can also control how long they can do so by setting downtime. You can also control the limits of each device remotely on your own phone so there is no danger of your kids hacking into the controls on their own device.

Alternatives to Secure Net

Although Secure Net does offer a good set of tools to protect you against online attacks, it’s worth knowing that most web browsers, including Safari and Chrome, automatically block harmful websites.

In addition, Vodafone itself automatically prevents all its mobile users from accessing adult content with its age-restricted content bar. This prevents under-age users from accessing sites featuring content such as pornography, violence, drugs or crime. Customers can choose to change this standardised setting either by logging into their My Vodafone account online or by signing in to the Secure Net app.

For parental controls, iPhone users can take advantage of Apple’s inclusive array of free parental control software in order to limit both what your child watches and how long they are on their device. For kids with Android phones, parents can use Google’s Family Link app to keep tabs on what their teenagers are looking at.

Frequently asked questions

Will Secure Net protect my child when they are away from home?

Yes. Secure Net protects the user whenever they are connected to the Vodafone network via 3G, 4G or 5G. However, if your child elects to join the wifi at a friend’s house, they will not be protected.

Can I choose to add Secure Net or Vodafone broadband content controls mid-contract?

Yes. If you do not currently have content controls on your Vodafone home broadband, you can add them for free by logging in to My Vodafone. Equally, if you want to add Secure Net to a device connected to Vodafone’s mobile network, you can.

How do I turn off parental controls?

To turn off parental controls on your Vodafone Home broadband, simply visit My Vodafone and select Safe under content controls. This will protect your devices from online attacks but will not filter out adult or other child-inappropriate content.

Does Vodafone Secure Net protect devices connected to Vodafone 4G Home Broadband?

Yes. If you use Vodafone 4G for your home WiFi, you can set up Secure Net to protect any device connected to it. It will also protect you when you are away from home as long as you are connected to Vodafone’s network.

How many devices can I install Vodafone Secure Net on?

There is no limit to the number of devices on which you can install Vodafone Secure Net. As a parent, if your child is connected to the Vodafone network, you can set the controls you want for your child’s device.

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