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Can I get Virgin VIVID 200Mb broadband?

Richard Murphy
Tuesday, February 14th 2017

Virgin Media continues to race way ahead of any competitors when it comes to fast fibre.

Virgin Vivid 200Mbps is faster than an oily cheetah on a laminate floor, and it might be available in a street near you. Plus, existing Virgin Media customers can enjoy a huge speed boost – free.

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You can get Vivid 200 if Virgin operates in your area

Virgin Vivid 200Mbps broadband is available to both new and existing customers. As long as Virgin's cable network has arrived in your area, you can get the Virgin Vivid speeds of 100Mbps or 200Mbps.

Existing Virgin Media customers benefit from a speed boost

Virgin is slowly upgrading the speeds of existing customers (those who purchased prior to 24th November 2015) on a steady rollout basis. To find out when you can get your hands on all those lovely additional megabits, you'll need call Virgin Media on 0808 168 4947.

Existing 50Mbps customers will be increased to 70Mbps

Customers currently on a 50Mbps broadband package that was purchased before 24th November 2015 should be upgraded to 70Mbps by the end of 2016. Despite this being Virgin’s slowest speed, it’s pretty close to the fastest fibre optic package available from providers that use BT’s network.

The 70Mbps speed is only on offer to existing 50Mbps customers – it is not available to buy for new customers.

How much of a difference will that make?

Going up from 50Mbps to 70Mbps won’t increase the quality of what you do, but it will increase the amount you can do at the same time. With 50Mbps you can watch HD, or even 4K if you happen to have a 4K TV.

The 20Mbps speed boost will mean your household can do more on top, and should be more than suitable for the vast majority of households.

Existing 100Mbps customers will be increased to 150Mbps

Customers who signed up to Virgin Media 100Mbps before 24th November 2015 should now be receiving up to 150Mbps. If not, it is worth giving Virgin a ring to find out when this will happen. If you signed up to the 100Mbps Vivid package you will not receive a speed boost. 150Mbps is almost twice as fast as the top speed on offer from any other provider. That’s really fast (if you hadn’t guessed).

New customers who want 100Mbps broadband from Virgin will now find it called ‘Vivid 100’ or ‘Vivid 100 and calls’.

How much of a difference will it make?

We’ve got to be blunt here, if you’re a ‘regular family’, doing ‘regular family internet things’ (like streaming, browsing and playing online games) you’re not really going to notice the difference.

The most bandwidth intensive thing you can do is stream TV and movies at UHD quality. With a 150Mbps download connection, you’d have to stream six UHD movies at the same time before your connection would start to slow down. Six!

Existing 152Mbps customers will be increased to 200Mbps

The new high-water mark for home broadband, Virgin Vivid 200 is wildly fast – far faster, in fact, than the vast majority of people need or would use. If you had a package with 152Mbps broadband, and felt you could do with a bit more speed, you’re probably doing too much online and need to get out more. This package is ideal people who like having the best of everything.

Existing 152Mbps customers will be having their speed boosted to Vivid 200 at some point, if not already. If you want to find out whether you will be getting this new lightning-fast speed imminently, give Virgin a call to find out.

How much of a difference will that make?

Hmm. Do you run an internet café? Do your eight family members want to watch UHD movies at the same time on eight separate 4K TVs? Are you NASA? Truth be told, you probably won't notice the difference, but 200Mbps is a nice round number and you’ll have bragging rights over all your friends, so there’s that.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m already with Virgin, will I be upgraded automatically?

If you’re already with Virgin Media, it’s time to get excited. Virgin Media will be contacting you with information on how you can ‘opt in’ to receive the speed boost when Virgin is ready to boost you.

How much will upgrading to Vivid speeds cost me?

The upgrade will be free (which makes opting in a bit of a no-brainer) and customers should receive information from Virgin about what to do. Virgin is rolling out the service now.

Will I have to re-sign my contract?

Those that do opt in will not have to re-sign a contract. It’s like eating an entire Black Forest gateau and not worrying about the calories. All you have to do now is play the waiting game.

Are upload speeds getting a boost too?

Surprisingly, no. An increase in upload speed would have been warmly welcomed, but unfortunately there’s no change on the horizon. Virgin puts all its attention firmly on download speeds.

Virgin has now introduced its new Gamer package, which comes with 200Mbps and 20Mbps upload speed, but you have to pay extra for it.

Upload speeds dictate how fast you can send information from your home to other people. It affects online gaming, transferring files (cloud computing etc.), send emails and using VoIP services like Skype.

I’m not with Virgin, how do I get it?

If you’re not with Virgin Media, and you like the sound of 200Mbps broadband, then perhaps it’s time to switch. First you’ll need to find out if it’s available to you by entering your postcode at the top of this article.

I already know Virgin Media’s not available where I live, should I be disappointed?

If you can’t get Virgin Media, then all this talk of current customers getting a speed boost must be pretty galling. There are some things you should know before you send a strongly worded letter to Mr Branson though.

Virgin Media is in the middle of its £3bn Project Lightning network expansion programme, with the aim of making Virgin Media available to 17 million UK premises by 202. So if you can’t get it now, there’s a good chance it's on its way to you soon.

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