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Moving home with Vodafone

By Claire Nottage | Thursday, August 12th 2021

When it comes to moving house, there are a lot of things to organise, including deciding what to do about your broadband connection. Fortunately, taking your existing broadband service with you to your new address is a fairly straightforward affair that can be sorted with the minimum stress.

In this guide we look at what you need to do in order to take your Vodafone broadband and mobile services with you to your new home, as well as how to go about finding a new broadband package if you’ve decided that, along with a change of home, it’s time for a change of provider.

Keeping your current Vodafone broadband package

Vodafone operates over the Openreach network used by BT and most other providers, so its services are widely available across the country. To double check that it is available at your new address, visit the availability checker on Vodafone’s website and key in your new postcode.

Once you have established that it is available at your new address, you should get in touch with Vodafone as soon as possible, but at the latest, 30 days before your intended move date. If you have a Vodafone mobile, then you can call for free on 191, or call 0333 304 0191 from your landline (standard call charges will apply). Make sure you have your Vodafone account number or landline number to hand, along with your new address, and the date on which you intend to move.

When you move, you will need to take your existing Vodafone router with you and reconnect it at your new address, using an existing Openreach socket. If you need help in reconnecting your router, Vodafone offers information on this on the website.

When it comes to finances, you will be sent a final bill for your old address and a new one for your new address, but there should be no changes to your regular payments.

Upgrading or changing your Vodafone Broadband deal

You may be considering taking the opportunity to change your current Vodafone service by upgrading or downgrading your package. Be aware that, as with any other provider, if you are still within your initial contract period, you cannot downgrade your package, but you can upgrade it. If you are out of your initial contract term, you are free to make any changes you wish, but if you do, you will be required to start a new 24-month contract.

Upgrade your download speed

Vodafone offers two fibre speeds as standard – 35Mbps and 63Mbps – both of which are widely available, so if you want to upgrade to Superfast 2, as Vodafone refers to its 63Mbps speed, it should be easy to do so.

Vodafone also offers its Gigafast service, with speeds from 100Mbps to 900Mbps available. However, this is currently only available in Aberdeen, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Bristol, Cambridge, Coventry, Edinburgh, Huddersfield, Leeds, Liverpool, Milton Keynes, Northampton, Peterborough, Southend-on-Sea and Stirling. If you are moving to one of these areas, then you might be able to make the leap to Gigafast. You can check the availability at your new postcode by visiting Vodafone’s Gigafast availability checker online.

Adding Apple TV to your Vodafone broadband

Although Vodafone does not offer a TV service as such, at the time of writing it is offering broadband plus Apple TV, which includes a year’s subscription to the online streaming service. This upgrade also includes free unlimited anytime calls to standard UK landlines and mobiles.

Moving home and leaving Vodafone broadband

If your initial contract term with Vodafone is up, you might be thinking about switching broadband and moving to a new provider to save a bit of cash when you move home. If this is the case, then it’s worth starting to scout out the best deals currently available by using our online broadband comparison tool. You can use the tool to sift through the deals available and sort by download speed, TV options, and price to find the best new package for your requirements.

Most providers offer the same fibre download speeds as Vodafone, with the exception of Virgin Media, which offers exceptionally fast speeds, but has more limited coverage than providers operating on the Openreach network. If you are moving to another provider on the Openreach network, you will not need to inform Vodafone of your intention to leave. Simply sign up to the new deal and your new provider will do all the work. This is not the case if you choose Virgin Media – you will have to contact both Virgin and Vodafone of your intention to switch.

If you are still in contract with Vodafone, you will be charged early termination fees if you choose to cancel your contract. This usually amounts to the total monthly fees left to pay before your contract ends. If you are nearly at the end of your contract, you might decide to cancel anyway, but if you have several months left to run, we would advise taking your existing package with you and searching for a new deal closer to the end of your contract.

Moving home with Vodafone mobile

Moving home and taking your Vodafone mobile device with you is very straightforward. Vodafone offers excellent coverage across the UK, but it may be worth checking what the signal is like in your new area.

Whether you use Vodafone for your mobile phone, or whether you use a hotspot device or have 4G home broadband using a Gigacube, you can simply register your address change online. When you move home, log in to your My Vodafone account online and enter your new address. If you receive your bills digitally you will continue to receive them without interruption. If you receive a paper bill, it will be sent to your new address.

Moving home with Vodafone Sure Signal

If you currently use Vodafone Sure Signal for your internet connection, you will need to investigate a change to cabled broadband in your new area as Vodafone is closing down its Sure Signal service and it will be retired completely by September 2021. Alternatively, you may want to look at using Vodafone 4G or 5G GigaCube for your home broadband service instead if there is not an adequate fibre service in your new area. If you decide to do this, it’s worth checking what the quality of the 4G and 5G signal is like in your new area before you sign up.

Frequently asked questions

What happens if my move date changes?

If your planned move date changes for any reason, you should let Vodafone know as soon as possible so it can ensure your connection will be up and running when you move in.

Can I take my old phone number to my new address?

If you are moving within the same area then you can probably keep your landline number. If you are moving out of the area, you will be allocated a new number.

Can I leave Vodafone and then sign up again to get a new customer deal?

No, unfortunately you have to wait at least 12 months before you can rejoin Vodafone. However, you may be able to negotiate a better deal if you tell Vodafone you intend to leave.

Can I get Vodafone in my new flat?

Yes, if it is available at your new postcode, you can have Vodafone broadband in a flat. If any installation work is required, for example if you are switching to Gigafast, you may need to seek permission of the landlord or residents’ association.

Can I get Vodafone in rented accommodation?

Yes, as long as you gain permission from your landlord, you can choose to have Vodafone broadband in your rented accommodation.

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