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EE contract and billing

By Aaron Howdle | Tuesday, August 31st 2021

EE has a decent reputation as a mobile phone provider. Along with its parent company BT, EE has the widest 5G coverage in the UK, a continuation of the position it carved out in relation to 4G. But EE doesn’t only provide mobile phone services. EE also offers a comprehensive set of home broadband packages.

In this guide we will walk you through the salient points of an EE Broadband contract, what you can find on your bill and what happens if you want to leave. We will also look at payment options and some of your rights as an EE customer.

What is in an EE Broadband contract?

Your contract sets out the relationship between you, the customer and EE Broadband. This kind of contract is called a Service Level Agreement (SLA). It sets out what each party should expect from the relationship. In this section we will take a look at some of the things you can find in an EE Broadband SLA.

Contract length

An EE Broadband contract lasts for 24 months. After the first 14 days of your contract you own the broadband equipment – and the Apple TV box if you chose a package which includes one. There is no set-up fee unless you need a new phone line, in which case you will be charged an installation fee.

Your package

Your contract will show you what you get from your package. This will be a telephone line, any call add-ons you have chosen and one of its broadband options, plus an Apple TV box if your package includes one. Line rental is included in the price of your chosen package because a phone line is required for your broadband connection.

EE broadband offers a fairly comprehensive range of broadband packages. You can get standard, 10Mbps standard ADSL broadband, or if you need a faster connection there are two widely available fibre broadband options with speeds of either 36Mbps or 67Mbps. Plus, if you are in an area that can get them, you can also choose one of the ultrafast fibre speeds offering 100Mbps, 300Mbps or 900Mbps. You will need to run a postcode check on the EE Broadband website to find out which speeds are available in your area.

Your phone number, and other details such as any extras you have added are also shown in the contract.


It can take up to 30 days for your service to be activated. During this time your router should arrive in the post. If you already have a phone line, then you can set up the router yourself by following the simple instructions. If you have no phone line, an engineer will need to install a line before your service is activated. Equally, if you choose an ultrafast of 100Mbps or more, you may need an engineer to carry out the installation.

Price changes

EE Broadband can change the price of its service during the time of your contract. The cost of your package will definitely increase every year on the 31st of March, when its prices are increased in line with inflation, plus an additional 3.9%.

Cooling-off period

You can change your mind during the first 14 days of your contract and cancel without giving a reason. After 14 days you own the router which came with your package. If you have a package which includes Apple TV, you also own the Apple TV box. However you will be charged a fee based on the remainder of your contract.

EE mobile contracts and billing

While it doesn't differ a great deal from EE Broadband contract arrangements, there are a few key things you need to be aware of.

Your EE mobile contract

EE Mobile contracts last for 24 months both for customers who wish to buy a device as part of their plan or for those just looking for a SIM-only plan. Your contract will show how much data, calls and SMS are included in your plan, with data plans ranging from 1GB per month to unlimited data. You will also find details of any extras and Smart Benefits which are included. Smart Benefits are extras such as an Apple TV subscription or BT Sports which are included in the price of your mobile plan. Plans are available with either no Smart Benefits, or up to three Smart Benefits included.

Your EE Bill

To view your bill, go to My EE on the EE website or use the My EE app on your mobile phone. You can get a paper bill but it costs extra. PDFs of your bill can be downloaded from the EE website, or from the app if you are using an Android device.

Your bill shows your monthly plan charges, any add-ons you are paying for, part charges (upfront costs accrued when you change plan or upgrade your phone), the total owed in your latest bill and a breakdown of all the calls you have made.

You can upgrade your phone to one of equal or higher value during the course of your contract. If you choose to leave EE before the end of your contract you will be charged the full remaining price of your contract, minus a 4% discount, plus VAT.

What is in an EE Broadband bill?

Your EE Broadband bill lists the various charges you have incurred over the previous month and any advance charges you owe. There is also other useful information. EE bills are provided online. Paper bills are available but cost extra. Here is a rundown of the sections on a bill.

  • Bill Summary – This section shows the balance of your account from your previous bill, payments received and total charges for your current bill
  • Amount due – The amount outstanding on your account for the month
  • Estimated payment date – Shows the amount that will be taken from your card or bank account and an estimated date it will be taken
  • Extras and discounts – This shows any credits or extra charges to your account. For example, call add-ons, late payment fees and promotional discounts
  • How you used your add-on – Shows all calls you have made that are included in your call plan add-on
  • Your savings – details of how much the calls covered by your call plan would have cost if they were not included in your plan
  • Itemised breakdown – An itemised list of all the calls you have made

Paying your EE Broadband bill

There are a number of ways to pay your EE broadband bill. As with most providers, EE prefers you to pay by Direct Debit. However you can choose to pay online, by phone or by text.

Late payment will lead to extra charges, so if you are having trouble with your bill you should contact EE, which may help you avoid extra charges.

Cancelling your EE Broadband contract or moving home

If you are moving or wish to cancel EE Broadband, here is what you should know.

Cancellation charges

If you cancel your package within the first 14 days of your contract, there is no termination fee. After this, the cancellation charges can be pretty steep. EE will charge the entire rest of your contract with a small deduction of 4%. This is partly explained by the fact that your broadband equipment becomes your property as soon as the 14-day cooling-off period is over.

Moving home

If you would like to take your broadband with you when you move home, you can get in touch with EE Broadband via phone or live chat on its website. It is best to give one month’s notice, and EE Broadband will need your moving date before it can start processing your move. If your plans change, then just let EE know as soon as possible.

Managing your EE Broadband account

To manage your EE Broadband account, sign in to your account on the EE Broadband website. You can also use the My EE app on your mobile device.

The EE Broadband website allows you to view and download your bills, check your usage, change your personal details and upgrade your package. You can also add any extras you want. There is also a comprehensive help section to solve any problems you may have. These options are also available through the My EE mobile app.

Frequently asked questions

Will I pay more with EE Broadband out of contract?

Once your contract has ended, your monthly fees will rise. EE will get in touch with you before the end of your contract to tell you what your new monthly fee will be and what your options are. It is likely that you will get a better deal by switching broadband at this point.

How do I pay my final EE Broadband bill?

Your final bill will be taken automatically if you are using direct debit. Otherwise you can pay it online, or over the phone.

What if my account is in credit when I leave EE Broadband?

Credit on your account will normally be deducted from your bills as you go along. However if there is any credit remaining when you leave EE Broadband, the money will be returned to your credit or debit card..

When do I pay the one-off installation charge?

The one off installation fee forms part of your first bill. And is payable on signing-up.

How can I speak to EE Broadband about my bill?

You can contact EE Broadband customer service by phone on 0800 079 8586 or on 07953 966250 between 8am and 9pm on weekdays or 8am to 8pm on weekends. Alternatively there is a live chat facility on the EE website. You can also get in touch via social media @EE on Twitter or @ee on Facebook.

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