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By Tim Smith | Friday, August 20th 2021

EE is probably best known for its mobile phone product line, however, since its acquisition by BT it has become a strong contender in the home broadband market too. But what happens if something goes wrong with your EE services and account?

In this guide we'll advise you on how to deal with some common problems with EE Broadband services so you don't have to hang on the telephone waiting for the queue to shorten. You'll find out how to deal with problems with your bill, with your wifi, your broadband and more.

EE payment and billing issues

If you've missed a payment for your EE Broadband or mobile – or if you think you're going to miss a payment – the first thing you must do is contact EE. Not doing this can result in your services being restricted or even disconnected completely. This in turn might mean a late payment charge as well as a reconnection fee. Before getting too worried it's also a good idea to check the following:

Who to call at EE

Before getting too stressed about money matters, you can deal with EE directly by calling on Monday to Friday between 8am and 8pm, Saturdays from 10am until 6pm and on Sundays from 10am to 4pm.

EE’s main customer service number is 0800 079 8586. To speak to the customer complaints department, call 0800 079 0125, or you can call 150 free from an EE mobile (note that PAYG customers will be charged 25p per call).

Can I terminate my EE contract early?

If you really don't think you can see out your EE contract, you may want to terminate it early. You can do this but doing so does come with something called 'Remaining Contract Charges'. These are calculated based on how much time is left to run on your contract, along with any VAT charges, and some deductions. You have to pay these charges if you're leaving EE early.

Check your Direct Debit

Because banks and building societies have signed up for the Direct Debit Guarantee, if you change bank, your Direct Debits move with you automatically. This means that the chance of your payment not going through is unlikely. However, it does happen, and if it does, you could be charged a late payment fee by EE.

If your monthly Direct Debit to EE has been delayed or if you've got insufficient funds in your account, contact EE as soon as you can. It may be possible to negotiate a change of payment structure, or you can pay what you owe over the phone using your credit or debit card.

What if you've been overcharged?

Sometimes, if you're checking your EE bill and bank statements you might discover that you've been overcharged or even charged for an add-on that you've not ordered. Get in touch with EE as soon as possible to discuss a refund.

Problems with your EE broadband

EE uses the Openreach network for its fibre broadband, this is usually good. However, when they do happen, broadband problems can be annoying at best, even costly at worst. The most common problems are easier than you think to solve though. More complex issues will mean contacting EE. Being armed with information you can find in this guide will mean that you spend less time answering support questions, and you'll get solutions faster. Bear in mind that you can get a lot of information about your home broadband and wifi by using the EE Home app on iPhone or Android phones. Let's look at some common problems.

  • Status check – Is it just your broadband that's down or is it a wider issue? EE has a coverage checker for this on its website. Just search for 'coverage checker' and you'll see if there are any known problems, and when they might be fixed. Keep a note of any downtime too, as you might be in line for a refund
  • Have you paid your bill? – This is easy to check using the EE app, or by looking at your account pages on the EE website. In the event that you've had a problem, you can speak directly to EE about payment plans
  • Turn your router off and on – This is really not that technical. Just turn your EE Smart Hub off at the wall. Then unplug all the cables from your EE Smart Hub. Wait for two minutes, reconnect all your cables, turn the Smart Hub back on. Wait until the lights go solid aqua-blue. If you can connect to a website, then you've solved the problem – make a quick note of when it happened though, in case it happens again; that way you'll have information for EE support
  • Unplug your phone – Your EE Broadband can be disrupted by a dodgy landline phone or cable plugged into the small microfilter box along with the grey Smart Hub broadband cable. Try unplugging your landline phone then connected to the internet. If that's the problem you might have to change the microfilter or cable or phone
  • Wifi or broadband – Your broadband might be working fine, but your wifi might be the problem. It's easy to check if you have a computer and a network (ethernet) cable. Just plug your computer into the Smart Hub using that cable. If you can connect to the internet using this 'wired' connection, then your problem is most likely with the wifi signal produced by your EE hub

Problems with your home wifi

Most people use their home broadband over wifi, so a fault or slowdown with that can be exasperating. Wifi in your home is produced by EE Smart Hub, so this is your first port of call. Let's troubleshoot the most common wifi fixes.

Move your EE Smart Hub

Wifi signals can be blocked or disrupted by objects as diverse as walls, piles of magazines, or furniture. Try moving your EE Smart Hub to a more open area. If you're having a problem getting signal in more remote parts of your home, you can buy what are called 'range extenders' or 'wifi boosters'. These are small boxes that you can purchase online.

Reset your EE Smart Hub

Your EE Smart Hub will have a reset switch or you can turn it on and off at the wall. This is often a good fix for wifi issues.

Make changes to your Smart Hub channel

On its website, EE has an excellent guide to using the EE Smart Hub manager, which is a set of pages you can reach using a browser. Search for 'EE Smart Hub manager' in help. You will then be taken through things like changing the way your Smart Hub produces its wifi (and also how to set up parental controls!).

Problems with your landline

If you've ordered a landline along with your EE Broadband, have a look at these quick fixes in the event that trouble occurs.

  • Unplug your EE Smart Hub – Because your EE Smart Hub is plugged into either a microfilter or double socket along with your phone, it could be causing a signal problem. Try unplugging it and seeing if you get a good landline signal. If so it could be a problem with your microfilter, broadband cable or your hub
  • Battery check – If your landline handsets use batteries and like everybody else you've not replaced them for a while, try fresh ones
  • Check 'call divert' – Make sure you've not turned on call divert or even call blocking. If in doubt, your phone's manual will show you how to turn these off

Problems with your mobile

Your EE mobile can also provide you with home broadband of course. You can tether your tablet devices and even your computer. So, if your mobile signal goes bad, you'll need to see how to fix it or at least how to tell EE support services what the problem might be. Here are a few quick wins for you:

Are you out of data?

Use your My EE app to check regularly that you've not gone over your data cap. You can also use the app to top up your data.

Is EE having problems?

It's possible that EE's network is having issues. You can go to the EE website and search for 'network coverage and status checker'. Once there, tap in your postcode and you'll see if there are issues and when they might be fixed.

Move your phone

Even in the age of 5G, mobile phone signals can still be adversely affected by things as big as buildings and as small as leaves on trees. Simply try moving to a less obscured area and checking your signal.

Getting help with EE services

EE has a wide and in-depth range of help and support resources on its website. These include videos, easy-to-read guides, FAQs and even an 'ask the community' forum where you can engage with other EE customers for tips and tricks.

Customer service phone numbers

EE’s main customer service number is 0800 079 8586 and is available to call daily. Or if you wish to speak to the customer complaints department specifically, it’s 0800 079 0125. Alternatively you can call 150 free from an EE mobile (PAYG customers are charged 25p per call however).

Online live chat

This is a quick and easy way to get results if you have access to the internet. EE's online chat feature uses real people not 'bots' to steer you in the right direction.

In store

You can also use the EE website to make an appointment to find help and support in your nearest EE physical shop.

Frequently asked questions

Problems with your bill?

If you have problems paying your bill then you should contact EE straight away. If you don't then your broadband and/or mobile services can be reduced or even cut off until you pay your bill. You may also be charged late fees.

Are my EE Broadband and mobile accounts linked?

Not strictly no. It's quite possible have an EE Broadband account but not use EE for your mobile – and vice versa. However, some discounts can be found if you do decide to take both.

Can I use my EE Broadband to make calls?

Yes you can. Aside from third-party apps such as Skype, WhatsApp and others you can also set up 'wifi calling' on your EE mobile phone. As the name suggests, this makes use of wifi not the standard mobile phone network. It can keep costs down and even lead to a better signal in your home.

Can a faulty telephone line affect my broadband?

Yes a faulty phone line can cause a problem with your broadband. And a faulty broadband cable or Smart Hub can interfere with your phone. Make sure to check both independently of each other, starting with disconnecting one from your microfilter and trying the other.

How do I find out if there is a fault in my area

This is a nice and easy one. Simply go online using your computer, tablet device or mobile phone, go to the EE website, go to 'help' and search for 'network coverage'. Once there, tap in your postcode and you'll see if there are any problems.

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