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Internet security relies on 'building blocks' not 'magic bullets'

Thursday, October 23rd 2014 by Ellen Branagh

The future of cyber security will be built from many different elements, and won't rely on a single 'magic bullet' solution, says a senior figure at the Internet Society.

Olaf Kolkman, the organisation's chief internet technology officer, said there are a number of "building blocks" in improving internet security, but no magic solution.

The Internet Society is a global non-profit organisation that works to promote the open development, evolution and use of the internet.

Speaking at the Broadband World Forum in Amsterdam, Mr Kolkman told Cable.co.uk: "Internet security is a broad thing, it ranges from spam to the security of the network.

"If it comes to internet security there are, I usually say, different players and different layers, and everybody in that chain has a certain responsibility to act responsibly, to behave.

"And sometimes that is incredibly difficult."

Giving phishing attacks as one example of the risks to people using the internet, he said it was often very hard for users to assess whether they were handing over important data to an organisation like their bank or to someone else.

There are "big brains" looking into the issues of cyber security, Mr Kolkman said, and told us that the Internet Society is interested in global technology that could be used as a "building block" in tackling the problem.

He added: "There is no magic solution to any cyber security or internet security type of threat. "But there are a number of building blocks that are promising."

They include domain name system security extensions (DNSSEC), which help to secure certain kinds of information on networks.

"But they're building blocks, they're not magic bullets," he said.

"They're building blocks to 'oomph' the security of the internet as a whole and those are things we're interested in and trying to popularise and make people aware of."

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